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Composting with a Kick, Courtesy of Mighty Oaks Soccer

Men's soccer team shows off skills and teaches a lesson

The video originally included in this story is no longer available via this page. Contact web@esf.edu if more information is required.

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Members of the ESF Mighty Oaks men's soccer team used their athletic prowess to demonstrate the college's environmental mission with a video highlighting the importance of composting.

"We had the idea to make a Joga Bonito video which is a Brazilian style and idea, then we thought of how we could get the school and ESF's style, too," said Dillon Buchberg, who led the effort with Kyle Bardwell. "Earth Week was coming up so what better way than to compost?"

Buchberg and Bardwell are team captains.

The video shows 12 team members deftly kicking some fruit from one campus building to another before it is neatly deposited in a compost bin in the gathering area in the Gateway Center. The fancy footwork includes moves by all the graduating seniors: Kyle Siegel, Adam Scalisi, Ryan Craig, Ross Volpe, Pat Alcot and Ben Bednarski. This senior class earned the most wins in school history, with 32 total wins during their careers.

Bardwell did most of the shooting and editing.

Viewers who look closely will see the composted item is not just any piece of fruit. It's an orange.