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More Coyotes Reported in the Suburbs

People notice the coyotes are becoming less fearful of humans

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Suburban residents are reporting more and more coyote sightings and some people are noticing the animals are becoming less fearful of humans. An ESF assistant professor, Dr. Jacqueline Frair, in an interview with 9WSYR reporter Kelly Quinn, said some coyotes don't fear people anymore as they become more familiar with humans and their surroundings. Also, a recent sighting behind Shoppingtown mall in DeWitt means the coyotes are probably eating out of the nearby dumpsters.

Allen Sustaire was walking his dog one evening in that area and believes he spotted three coyotes. He said they crouched down and started toward him and his dog.

Dr. Frair said the animals might have approached because of food. She said, "They tend to be territorial around food sources or they may have been interested in the man's dog."

If you see a coyote behaving aggressively, Dr. Frair said, start yelling at the coyote and chase it. She also suggests that when walking at dawn or dusk, it's a good idea to carry a walking stick, a noisemaker or pepper spray.