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Syracuse, Auburn Students Win ‘Green Ideas’ Awards

High school students competed in Chamber show science fair

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - High school students from Syracuse and Auburn took top honors in "Great Green Ideas That Can Change the World," the green science fair that was held in conjunction with the 2010 Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Green Business Showcase.

Following is the list of winners:

Audience Choice Award sponsored by the Tech Garden: Great Green Gym: Help Us Peddle Away Global Warming

Description: By using an exercise bike connected to an alternator, the team was able to produce electricity to power an appliance, such as a radio. The more they peddled, the more power they generated. This could be attached to exercise bikes at gyms and the power could be stored for future use.

Team members: Sanjeev Kumar, Calvin Flood, Jacob O'Connell and Jamci Vale; juniors from the Institute of Technology Automotive Department, Syracuse City School District

Teacher advisers: Eric Bramoff and Brian Brown

Best of Show sponsored by Clean Tech: Methane Campaign

Description: Methane gas would be collected using a methane generator and then condensed into a liquid, put in containers and sold as an alternative fuel. The methane generators would be supplied to the community at no cost, much like blue bins are. This liquid methane could then replace gasoline, a fuel that emits harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Team members: Austin Gamache, Cameron McIntyre, Mike Jennings, Aaron Smith, Nathan Bayliss, Chris Myers, April Yanchik and Peter Rivera; sophomores from the Institute of Technology Automotive Department, Syracuse City School District

Teacher adviser: Robert Shepard

Peer Reviewed Award sponsored by SUNY-ESF (the top two finished in a tie score)

Methane Campaign (see above) and Wear-N-Go: organic scrubs

Description of Wear-N-Go: The goal of organic scrubs is to make scrubs for health care professionals and students more comfortable and durable while being "green." The fabric for the scrubs would be made from hemp and organic cotton. Hemp is favored since it is less likely to be targeted by insects, thus reducing the need for pesticides. Hemp also takes less water to grow than cotton and grows fast and efficiently. The scrubs would offer an alternative to the over-processed, dyed and rigid fabrics that are currently used to make scrubs.

Student: Janiqua Fletcher, a senior at Auburn High School who also participates in the BOCES New Visions Medical Careers Program

Teacher adviser: Kelly Harrington, BOCES New Visions Program

In its first year, the Great Green Ideas Can Change the World: Student Innovation Exposition showcased 19 green and innovative ideas from high school students in Central New York. The exposition was part of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase at the New York State Fairgrounds. Most students spent the day at the Chamber Show speaking with vendors and visitors about their Great Green Idea. The students also were able to visit many of the local companies and businesses that had displays at the Chamber event. This year, the Business Showcase included almost 40 local start-ups, many of which were in the green and sustainability field. Students were able to talk to professionals in their fields of interest and gather information about the educational, training and professional needs for employment.

The Student Innovation Exposition is part of SUNY-ESF's Outreach Offices SAGE Project (Sustainability and Green Entrepreneurship) in partnership with CNY Works, the Metropolitan Development Association, the Clean Tech Center, and the Tech Center. Three prizes of $200 each were offered to participants. The Peer Investment award was sponsored by SUNY-ESF. Student participants in the expo used play money to vote or invest in the entry they felt had the best business potential. The Audience Choice award was sponsored by the Tech Center. Attendees of the Chamber Showcase were invited to vote on the idea they thought was the best. The final award, Best of Show, was sponsored by Clean Tech. This award was judged by partner representatives using a predetermined rubric.