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SUNY-ESF Offers Scientific Diving Program

Many faculty, staff and student scuba divers might wish to participate in scientific diving activity

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) offers a program that follows a prescribed sequence of training and examination leading to American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Scientific Diver certification.

This certification is needed for permission to dive at many marine and freshwater research stations and it is often required to obtain federal funding for work involving underwater studies. Participation in the program is currently not a requirement at ESF but it provides many future opportunities for the College community.

This program does not teach scuba diving. It does, however, provide training in practices specific to scientific diving and confirms that divers have the knowledge and skills required for safe diving. Those wishing to participate in the ESF Scientific Diving Program must first obtain scuba-diving certification from a nationally recognized agency, such as Professional Association of Diving Instructors, National Association of Underwater Instructors or Scuba Schools International; first aid/CPR certification and emergency oxygen administration certification.

The ESF Scientific Diving Program is administered through the College Office of Research Programs by the ESF Diving Control Board. The chair of the Diving Control Board, Dr. Mark Teece of the Department of Chemistry, coordinates the program and is the contact person for information about the program. Teece also serves as ESF's organizational representative to the AAUS.

Typically, the program is offered once in the fall. A fee covering transportation, materials and instructor costs may be charged. Learn more: