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ESF Soccer Teams Fall to Daemen College as Season Ends

Coach, teams look forward to future

The Mighty Oaks men's and women's soccer teams both finished the season with losses against Daemen College Oct. 30, despite a season marked by strong improvement. The women lost 5-0 and the men lost 1-0.

"Both teams have much to be proud of this season," said Coach Dan Ramin. "We played competitively with very skilled established programs, having some great success along the way."

The ESF women ended the season with 2-7-1 record; the men finished at 5-3-1. More than 400 people attended the final games at the Syracuse University soccer stadium.

The Mighty Oaks women began the day competing against Daemen's tough Wildcat women, who went into the game with a 10-6-1 record, the best in Daemen's history. The ESF women fought to control the ball but were unable to keep consistent possession. At the halfway mark, the Mighty Oaks trailed 2-0, but ESF responded with better composure in the second half. Despite the Mighty Oaks' turnaround and several opportunities, they were unable to put the ball in the net. Daemen solidified its victory in the final minutes of the game, finishiing with a 5-0 score. This was the final game for ESF seniors Jessica Haerter, Jenny Loewenstein, Michelle Gluck and Lauren Baynes, who were applauded by fans at the end of the match for their dedication to the newly established ESF soccer program.

The ESF men also played an evenly matched game against Daemen. The teams kept even tempo throughout the first half with equal opportunities on both sides. The second half was also marked by even opportunities until Daemen got on the board with a corner kick goal in the 70th minute. With only two minutes left in the game, ESF senior Joe Montesano almost tied it with a shot that hit the goalpost. The Mighty Oaks were unable to tie the game, ending with a 1-0 loss. This was the last game for seniors Colin Hoffman, Brent Heesemann, Andrew Sorci, Gailen Walsh and Wyatt Jacobi.

"We are all looking forward to the future seasons," said Coach Ramin. "and developing a great soccer program to complement the tremendous academics here at ESF."