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‘Moonlighting’ Focuses on E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth Project

Event set for Oct. 4 in Gateway Center

The Half-Earth Project proposed by famed ecologist E.O. Wilson will be the subject of the next Moonlighting discussion at ESF.

The event, called "The Fight for Life on Earth: A discussion of E.O. Wilson's Half-Earth Project," will be 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 4, in the Gateway Center on the ESF campus.

In his book, "Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life," Wilson recommends dedicating half of the surface of the Earth specifically to nature. Through the acknowledgement of creatures great and small, from the Sumarian rhino to the microbes and invertebrates that form the foundation of our biosphere, he implores society to recognize the irreplaceable nature of the natural world. He is far from resigned to fatality, but rather gives real-world examples of places that can be set aside to promote the greatest biodiversity and recovery of the biosphere.

Moonlighting is a series of informal discussions, debates and interviews hosted by ESF President Quentin Wheeler. Joining him for this discussion will be Dr. Mary Collins, assistant professor of environmental studies at ESF; Professor David M. Driesen, university professor at the College of Law of Syracuse University; and Dr. Peter Wilcoxen, professor of public administration and international affairs at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

Moonlighting is free and open to the general public. Those attending are asked to register.