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Discovery Challenge Work Groups Announced

Faculty, staff, students work to chart ESF’s future

Members of the college community are taking part in charting ESF's future as members of advisory groups for the Discovery Challenge.

The Discovery Challenge will engage the ESF community in identifying three to five cross-cutting initiatives that will be supported by SUNY funding; each project would receive up to $200,000 annually for three years.

ESF's process is modeled after the "Framework for the Future" that was designed and implemented by SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson while she was the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Johns Hopkins University.

The ESF Discovery Challenge establishes three advisory groups to the president: The Discovery Advisory Group, The People Advisory Group, and the Ways and Means Advisory Group.

The Discovery Advisory Group will identify and describe the three to five initiatives that will receive SUNY funding. The College will work with the ESF College Foundation Inc. and Chancellor Johnson to seek additional funding for the strategic priority areas. Consideration will be given to impact, relevance and importance to ESF and its constituents, with a focus on global impact.

Co-chairs of the Discovery Advisory Group are Dr. Donald Leopold, chair of the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology (EFB); Dr. Christopher Nomura, vice president for research programs; and Dr. Timothy Volk, senior research associate and associate chair of the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management (FNRM). Faculty members in this group are Dr. Colin Beier, FNRM; Dr. Mary Collins, Department of Environmental Studies (EST); Douglas Daley, Academic Governance (AG) and Department of Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE); Dr. David Kieber, Department of Chemistry (FCH); Maren King, Department of Landscape Architecture (LA); Dr. Karin Limburg, EFB; Dr. Shijie Liu, associate chair of the Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (PBE); Dr. Lee Newman, AG/EFB; Dr. Steve Shaw, ERE; and Matt Smith, Moon Library.

Dr. Doug Johnson, LA, is the faculty chair serving on the Discovery Advisory Group. Representing staff is Linda McNamara, Office of Research Programs (ORP). Grace Leman and James Quinn are the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) representatives. Steve Darcangelo is the alumni representative and Scott Shannon, associate provost and dean, Graduate School Instruction and Graduate Studies, is an ex-officio member. Representatives from the ESF College Foundation and the administration will also be appointed as ex officio members. Representatives from the Graduate Student Association (GSA) have yet to be named.

The People Advisory Group will focus on ESF's human resources - faculty, students and staff - and how to empower them to reach their full capacity to perform and support cutting-edge research, education and outreach with a global impact.

The People Group is chaired by Dr. Nosa Egiebor, provost and executive vice president; Dr. Jacqui Frair, associate director of the Roosevelt Wildlife Station; and Dr. Lindi Quackenbush, ERE chair.

Faculty members in this group are Dr. Neal Abrams, FCH; Dr. Biljana Bujanovic, PBE; Emmanuel Carter, associate professor, LA; Dr. Kelley Donaghy, AG/FCH; Dr. Robin Kimmerer, EFB; Ruth Owens, AG/Moon Library; Dr. John Stella, FNRM; Dr. Lemir Teron, EST. Benette Whitmore, EST, is the faculty chair serving on the committee.

Representing staff are Robin Perkins, president's office; Mark Poupore, Department of Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction; Heather Engelman, FNRM; and Erin Tochelli. Carson Row and Lizzie Waterhouse are the USA representatives. Laura Crandall is the alumni representative. Dr. Malika Carter, chief diversity officer; Erin Craig, associate provost for enrollment and marketing; and Dr. Anne Lombard, vice provost and dean for student affairs, represent the administration. Ex-officio members from Human Resources and the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) along with GSA representatives have yet to be named.

The Ways and Means Advisory Group is charged with mapping a pathway to a sustainable financial future for ESF that simultaneously invests in and empowers the faculty, staff and students to engage in innovative research, education and outreach.

This group is chaired by Joanie Mahoney, incoming chief operating officer; Dr. David Newman, FNRM; Joseph Rufo, vice president for administration and chief financial officer; and Dr. Gary Scott, PBE.

Faculty members in this group are Dr. Sue Anagnost, AG/PBE; Dr. Margaret Bryant, LA: Dr. Ted Endreny, ERE; Dr. John Farrell, director of the Thousand Island Biological Station, EFB; Dr. Ivan Gitsov, FCH; Dr. Mariann Johnston, Ranger School/FNRM; Dr. Chuck Kroll, AG/ERE; Dr. Greg McGee, EFB; and Dr. Theresa Selfa, EST. Dr. Russ Briggs, Division of Environmental Science; and Dr. Chris Nowak, FNRM, are the faculty chairs, serving on the committee.

Representing the administration are Dave Dzwonkoski, director of business affairs, Dr. Maureen Fellows, vice president for government and external relations; Brenda Greenfield, assistant vice president for development; James Luckett; and Nicholas Lyons. Nancy Otts, office of the vice president for administration, is the staff representative.

Ethan Ballard and Ramon Pimentel are the USA representatives. Norm Roth is the alumni representative. Don Artz, assistant vice president of academic finance and Research Foundation campus operations manager; Lisa Campagna, assistant director of business affairs; and Danette Desimone, director of finance, Development Office, are ex-officio members. GSA representatives have yet to be named.