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Demers Recognized for Commitment to NADP Data Collection

Researcher helps create 40-year record of biogeochemistry for Newcomb Campus

Charlotte Demers was recognized for her dedication to data collection by the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP).

Demers, instructional support technician at the Adirondack Ecological Center at the Newcomb Campus, received a 15-year award as the site operator of NY20 from NADP Program Coordinator Mike Olson during a recent program meeting. There were 65 site operator awards presented this year. According to Olson, the dedication of NADP site operators is crucial to the success of the program.

Demers has been instrumental in gathering precipitation, air pollution and water chemistry samples year-round for the NADP, Mercury Deposition Network and other national networks. In so doing, she helped create a 40-year record of atmospheric and watershed biogeochemistry for the Newcomb Campus.

Since 1986, in addition to supporting long-term monitoring of the Adirondack ecosystem, Demers has supported diverse research projects and student-based learning at ESF's Huntington Wildlife Forest (HWF), a 15,000-acre field station on the Newcomb Campus. A graduate of ESF, Demers also manages programming at ESF's Adirondack Interpretive Center for visitors of all experience levels. Archival of many of HWF's historical datasets that provide the basis for dozens of research projects has been under Demers' care for decades.

Although her scientific career began with a study on effects of road salt on stream chemistry and ecology, Demers has a wide knowledge base and has given dozens of public/guest lectures about small mammals, bats, loons and forest ecology. Attendees often comment on her ability to make learning fun.

Demers served as president of the Northern New York Audubon chapter for five years and has been a leader in promoting wildlife conservation in backyards as well as wild places. She has served in numerous planning capacities for other organizations, including The Wild Center and the town of Newcomb.