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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Oakie Enters Round 2 of Mascot Madness

ESF's acorn hopes to tame SUNY Poly wildcat

Having extinguished OCC's Blaze in the first round of Mascot Madness, Oakie is facing SUNY Poly's Walter T. Wildcat in Round 2 of the annual SUNY contest.

Walter is known as a fierce competitor and predator and is hungry having never tasted victory before. The wildcat has a strong social media presence and vote-happy backers. For the Mascot Madness updates and perhaps some great student-created memes, be sure to follow Oakie on Instagram at oakie_acorn, Twitter @ESFOakie and Facebook @ESFOakieAcorn .

According to SUNY officials, more than 20,000 votes were cast across the bracket with "crazy upsets and voting swings" in Round 1. Two-time champ and Oakie's frenemy Victor E. Knight was knocked out by Tripp the Thunderwolf from Niagara County Community College. Stony Brook's Wolfie met defeat at the hands of Dutchess Community College' Falco the Falcon.

It appears the community colleges are out for blood - or stuffing - depending on what your mascot is made of. Voting closes Friday, March 28 at 3 p.m. You can vote once every 12 hours HERE. Be sure to use every and any email you have. Vote for Oakie!