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Student Organizations, Leaders Recognized

SOLAR award recipients announced

Student leaders and organizations were recognized for their contributions to the ESF community during the recent Student Organization and Leadership Achievement Recognition Ceremony (SOLAR).

Seventy-nine nominations for the different award categories were received and approximately 130 people attended this year's ceremony.

"Thank you for celebrating all of the amazing leadership on campus and we ask that you continue to celebrate and recognize all of the recipients, nominees, and many other amazing leaders on campus," said Laura Crandall, director student involvement and leadership.

ESF student organizations reported more than 36,000 hours of travel experience of which 6,100 hours were dedicated to conferences, 11,000 to hiking and bonding, 3,000 to speakers and trainings, and 1,500 to community service. "We expect those numbers to grow before the semester ends too," said Crandall.

Crandall extended a special thank you to the staff and faculty who attended the SOLAR ceremony especially to Dr. David Newman and Dean Lombard for their support, the student speakers Kayla Conway and Karley O'Connor, and the Music Society.

SOLAR 2019 Award Recipients

­Advisor of the Year: Tim Morin, EWB Club

Community Service Excellence for an Individual Student: Emily Cattarin

Distinguished Graduating Officer: Monica Banghart, Herpetology Club

Presidents of the Year: Kayla Conway, GCI AND William Lawrence, PBE

Rising Student Leader (First-Year): Emily Li and Ema Schwartz

Rising Student Leader (Sophomore): Jourdyn Lee, Lydia Loan, and Molly Mulhare

Rising Student Leader (Junior): Madison Cullen and Justin Rosenberg

Rookie Officer of the Year: Amanda Song

Student Employee of the Year: Peter Huber, OIDE and Kiley Voss, Trailhead

Student Organization for Community Service: Acorns to Action

Student Organization of the Year: The Baobab Society and the Bob Marshall Club

Undergraduate Teaching Excellence: Alexis Dabulewicz and Brian Sommer

Dean Bray Ambassador Award (Presented by Rocky Feola): Mike O'Connor, Becky Stromfeld, Haley Sussman, and Kiley Voss

Jeff Dupuis Award (Presented by Bob Marshall Club): Colin Richardson

Athlete of the Year (Presented by Dan Ramin and Adam Scalisi): Sarah Wohlfahrt, Soccer
Tutor of the Year (Presented by Amelia Hoffman): Amanda Bielecki and Matthew Washburn