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Campus Update: Reminder: Wear Masks


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Dear ESF Community,

Governor Cuomo's executive order requiring the wearing of face coverings in public areas remains in effect. Any employee who is present in the workplace shall be provided and shall wear a mask or face-covering when in direct contact with customers or members of the public, or when unable to maintain social distance. A person shall be considered as maintaining social distancing when keeping at least six feet distance between themselves and any other persons. It is important to note, if you are the only person in an office or vehicle or performing maintenance or contracting work alone, you do not need a face covering.

Instances of non-compliance should be reported to the violator's supervisor, who is responsible for enforcing this requirement within their department/unit. Employees seeking medical accommodations regarding wearing masks should contact the Office of Human Resources.

For those work-related initiatives covered by the Governor's executive order, ESF is supplying commercially available masks. Departments can obtain them from the A&TS Stockroom in Baker 116 by discussing with Marlene Braun ( mabraun@esf.edu or X6869). Departments will not be charged for the masks, but since demand is high, supplies are limited, and deliveries are delayed, we currently must limit departments to 2-week supplies. Commercially available products include surgical masks, N-95 respirators, etc., but the executive order also permits the use of homemade face coverings, bandanas, etc.

It is widely believed that face coverings/masks do not reliably protect the wearer from infection, but they might help stop those who are already infected from spreading the virus further. Wearing face coverings/masks does not replace the need for social distancing when possible and using good environmental hygiene practices. Please continue to maintain six feet from others, wash your hands with soap and water, do not touch your face, and stay home when you're sick.

In summary, please wear a mask if you are working in close proximity with others; wear the mask correctly (see the video below for instruction); and practice good hygiene.


Joseph Rufo
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Administration

John Wasiel
Environmental Health and Safety Officer