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Nominations Open for Chancellorís Award for Student Excellence


Faculty, staff and students are invited and encouraged to submit nominations for the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. These awards acknowledge students who have received recognition for excellence. It is the highest honor bestowed upon a student by SUNY.

The awards process has changed significantly since last year, and if you are unclear about any of the changes, please contact Dean of Students Dr. Anne Lombard at aelombard@esf.edu or by calling the Student Affairs office at 315-470-6660.

ESF is permitted to forward three nominees for the General Award and one nominee for a Special Award to the SUNY-wide selection committee. To be eligible, nominees must graduate between June 2020 and May 2021.

Above are the two nomination documents: the 2021 General Award Category Nomination Form and the 2021 Special Award Category Nomination Form.

Nominees for the General Award must have achievement in at least three of the following areas: Academic Excellence, Leadership, Campus Involvement, Community Service, and/or the Arts. Examples must be provided of sustained accomplishments in at least three of these categories. A limited number of recipients from each sector within SUNY (comprehensive colleges, community colleges, etc.) will be selected by SUNY for General Award recognition. Nominees for the Special Award must have demonstrated particular excellence in one of the following areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Military; Special Service 2020 (COVID-19); or Overcoming the Odds. Only one student from within all of SUNY will be selected for each of these four categories. The same student may be nominated for both a General Award and a Special Award; please complete both applications to do so.

For each application, provide examples of the sustained accomplishments in the category selected. Include specifics such as accomplishment, honors or achievements, type and description of awards received, organizational involvement, and service dates. Nominated students with measurable, long-term accomplishments and achievements will be measured (scored) at a higher level than other achievements. Also, students' achievements that affect the greater campus community and/or a large number of students and/or community members will be valued higher than other achievements. Please include only awards and recognitions the student has received while at ESF as awards received from other colleges and/or high school will not be considered.

Students will be notified of the nomination process for these awards as well. It is appropriate and encouraged that you work directly with the student(s) you wish to nominate to ensure a strong application is forwarded for consideration. We also encourage interested students to identify themselves to faculty and staff members for consideration.

Please forward your nominations to Dr. Anne Lombard, 110 Bray Hall, or aelombard@esf.edu, by Jan. 15. If the SUNY deadline is extended, campus will be notified quickly.