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New Center of Excellence in Healthy Water Solutions Showcased at ESF Senator May visits ESF to mark partnership between ESF, Clarkson University10/15/2019

Pictured from left, Clarkson President Anthony Collings, Dr. Christopher Nomura, vice president for research programs at ESF; Senator Rachel May, Clarkson Provost Robyn Hannigan, and ESF Interim President David Amberg.

New York State Senator Rachel May attended the first public event of the new Clarkson University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) Center of Excellence (CoE) in Healthy Water Solutions Oct. 15 on the ESF campus in the James Hassett Hydrology Lab, Room 106 Baker Laboratory.

The new partnership is generating solutions that will help protect and improve waters for sustainable natural environments, healthy populations, resilient communities and sound economies. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how the institutions are connecting public-private partners at the local, state, national and international levels to the Center's faculty expertise and networks to ensure a healthy and sustainable future through the protection and conservation of water resources.

New York Senator Rachel May said, "I am thrilled that we are harnessing the expertise of these two world-class institutions to address our water challenges. This unique partnership between SUNY-ESF and Clarkson University will develop practical and innovative solutions to complex problems like harmful algal blooms. The new Center of Excellence is uniquely positioned to revolutionize our understanding and management of aquatic systems for New York and the world. Congratulations to these two fantastic universities, I look forward to seeing the results of your collaboration."

ESF and Clarkson University were designated to launch the state's newest CoE in April. The two partners plan a collaborative model to deploy experts and students to deliver technology innovations and research-based solutions with local partners taking on complex challenges in their aquatic systems and water infrastructures.

May was joined by representatives from the offices of New York State Senator Joseph A. Griffo, New York State Assemblyman Al Stirpe, Assemblyman William Magnarelli, Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon as well as Clarkson President Anthony Collins and Clarkson Provost Robyn Hannigan, ESF Interim President David Amberg and Dr. Christopher Nomura, vice president for research programs at ESF.

"I congratulate SUNY-ESF and Clarkson University on the creation of the new Center of Excellence in Healthy Water Systems. This new Center will provide world-class research for the benefit of the entire state. Water is our most precious resource. In an era of climate change, our waterways face unprecedented new threats. The research generated by this new facility will help us to meet these challenges head-on and maintain the abundant water resources of New York state," said Assemblyman Magnarelli.

"We recognize the national and statewide sense of urgency to protect New York's valuable water resources while also ensuring their role as an engine for economic growth and vitality," said Clarkson President Anthony G. Collins.

Said Amberg, "New York's greatest natural resource, in abundance and quality, is water. This resource is only becoming more important in the face of the impacts of climate change. It is critical to the health and well-being of our communities and the state's economic prosperity that we protect this resource. This is why President Collins and I decided to combine the expertise found at ESF and Clarkson to create one of the largest consortiums of water scientists in the country. With the strong advocacy of our state senators and assemblymen, including sponsor Rachel May, we were able to achieve recognition as a new Center of Excellence in Healthy Water Solutions. In a hub-and-spoke model, the center will serve to bring our best scientists to tackle diverse emerging problems of concern to sustain the quality of our state water resources for generations to come."

The Centers of Excellence, administered through NYSTAR, foster collaboration between the academic research community and the business sector to develop and commercialize new products and technologies, to promote critical private sector investment in emerging high-technology fields in New York State, and to create and expand technology-related businesses and employment. This program was created to enhance and accelerate the centers' operations, facilitating joint university-industry research and development, product commercialization and workforce training.