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Faculty Profile
Dan Cronan

Assistant Professor

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260 Marshall Hall

Biographical Profile

Dan has focused on research and practice at multiple locations and scales including projects in China, Turkey, the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Coast. He has currently aligned efforts on developing research and pedagogical approaches on various topics such as, a) landscape planning analysis, b) landscape scenario planning and Geodesign through applications of GIS, and c) urban sustainability best management practices. Dan’s previous research involves scenario modeling and planning which aligns stakeholder-driven, researcher-based trajectories of change for three active National Research Foundation (NSF) funded research projects: Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems (INFEWS), Genomics by Environment (GEM3) and a sub-award for land use Scenario Modeling. His work is comprised of an Alternative Futures Analysis which utilized stakeholder feedback (qualitative) to drive research-based models (quantitative) using a scenario modeling framework through various geospatial narratives and tools. These land use projections are intended to provide guidance for community planning and a framework for scenario development in socio-ecological systems. With SUNY ESF, Dan applies similar and novel concepts of scenario planning for urban sustainability within Northeast communities.


Louisiana State University - 2007, B.L.A.

University of Oregon - 2017, M.L.A.

University of Idaho - 2022, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

Cronan, Daniel, E. Jamie Trammell, and Andrew Kliskey. (2023). From Uncertainties to Solutions: A Scenario-Based Framework for an Agriculture Protection Zone in Magic Valley Idaho. Land 12, no. 4: 862.

Cronan, Daniel. (2023). The GEM3 Vertically Integrated Approach to a Geodesign Studio: Aligning Student Design-Thinking and Project Needs of a Transdisciplinary Project. Landscape Research Record, Evolving Norms, vol.11. The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, p.44-56.

Williams, P., Kliskey, A. A., Cronan, D., Trammell, E. J., de Haro-Martí, M. E., & Wilson, J. (2023). Constructing futures, enhancing solutions: Stakeholder-driven scenario development and system modeling for climate-change challenges. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 11, 1055547.

Kliskey, A. “Anaru,” Williams, P., Trammell, E. J., Cronan, D., Griffith, D., Alessa, L., Lammers, R., Haro-Martí, M. E. de, & Oxarango-Ingram, J. (2023). Building trust, building futures: Knowledge co-production as relationship, design, and process in transdisciplinary science. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 11, 1007105.

Cronan, D., Trammell, E. J., Kliskey, A. (Anaru), Williams, P., & Alessa, L. (2022). Socio-Ecological Futures: Embedded Solutions for Stakeholder-Driven Alternative Futures. Sustainability, 14(7), 3732.

Cronan, D., Trammell, E. J., & Kliskey, A. (Anaru). (2022). Images to Evoke Decision-Making: Building Compelling Representations for Stakeholder-Driven Futures. Sustainability, 14(5), 2980.

Leytem, A. B., Williams, P., Zuidema, S., Martinez, A., Chong, Y. L., Vincent, A., Vincent, A., Cronan, D., Kliskey, A., Wulfhorst, J. D., Alessa, L., & Bjorneberg, D. (2021). Cycling Phosphorus and Nitrogen through Cropping Systems in an Intensive Dairy Production Region. Agronomy, 11(5), 1005.

Cronan, D., Kliskey, A., Trammell, J., Lorentzen, C., Griffith, D., & Williams, P. (2019). An Alternative Futures Approach to Green Infrastructure Planning for an Increasing Population. Proceedings of the Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning, 6(1).

Cronan, Daniel. (2019). The Nexus Studio: A Synergistic Pedagogical Approach for Integrating Research and Evaluating Learning within a Landscape Architecture Studio. Landscape Research Record, Engaged Scholarship, vol.8. The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, p.35-47.

Zuidema, S., Cronan, D., Trammell, E. J., & Lammers, R. B. (2019). Plausible 21st century water management through stakeholder-driven modeling of a water-stressed, agricultural socio-economic system in the American West. 2019, GC43H-1406.

Cronan, D., Kliskey, A. D., Griffith, D., Trammell, E. J., Villamor, G., Williams, P., & Lorentzen, C. (2018). Approaching the Nexus: An integrated approach for stakeholder engagement in Food, Energy, and Water Systems in Idaho’s Magic Valley. 2018, GC53F-1013.




Current Graduate Advisees

Yaqiong XuYaqiong Xu

  • Degree Sought: PHD
  • Graduate Advisor(s): Cronan
  • Area of Study: ESC Water & Wetland Resource Studies