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Endong WangAssociate Professor

Endong Wang

223 Baker Lab
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210

315-470-6747 | 315-470-6536

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Professional Training

  • University of Wisconsin, Mechanical Engineering, Post-Doctoral Fellow       
  • University of Nebraska, Construction Engineering, M.S., Ph.D.          
  • Southeast University, Management Science & Engineering (Civil Engineering Division), M.S.
  • Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Structural Engineering, B.E.

Academic Employment

  • Associate Professor, Sustainable Construction-SUNY ESF
  • Staff Researcher (Temporary), Civil Engineering-UTC
  • Associate Professor, Construction Management-UTC
  • Assistant Professor, Construction Management-UTC
  • Adjunct Researcher, Management Informatics-UEMI (Key Lab of Shandong, China)
  • Instructor & Lecturer, Construction Management-OUC, China

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Life Cycle Performance of Complex Structure Systems
  • Advanced Sustainability Informatics
  • Sustainable Transportation Development
  • Big-Data-Driven Decision Making
  • International Construction Management

Professional Awards

  • Outstanding Reviewer for multiple leading journals
  • Outstanding Researcher (Multiple times, UTC)
  • First Place in Reusable Abstractions of Manufacturing Process National Competition, by NIST, NSF, ASTM, ASME (With Dr. Chris Yuan at CWRU)
  • Oak Ridge ORAU Award
  • AASHE Conference & Expo Award
  • Outstanding Specialist “Wenchuan Post-Earthquake Rescue”


  1. CME 335/535 Cost Engineering
  2. CME 226 Statics and Mechanics of Materials
  3. CME 454/654 Construction Project Management
  4. TBD

Selected Publications

Yuan J, Li L, Wang E, Skibniewski M (2019). Examining sustainability indicators of space management in elderly facilities---A case study in China. Journal of Cleaner Production 208:144-59.

Wang E (2017). Decomposing core energy factor structure of U.S. residential buildings through principal component analysis with variable clustering on high-dimensional mixed data. Applied Energy 203: 858-73.

Wang E (2017). Decomposing core energy factor structure of U.S. commercial buildings through clustering around latent variables with Random Forest on large-scale mixed data. Energy Conversion and Management 153: 346-61.

Wang E, Alp N, Shi J, Wang C, Zhang X, Chen H (2017). Multi-criteria building energy performance benchmarking through variable clustering-based compromise TOPSIS with objective entropy weighting. Energy 125: 197-210.

Wang E, Shen Z, Alp N, Barry N (2015). Benchmarking energy performance of residential buildings using two-stage multifactor data envelopment analysis with degree-day based simple-normalization approach. Energy Conversion and Management 106: 530-542.

Wang E (2015). Benchmarking whole-building energy performance with multi-criteria Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution using a selective objective-weighting approach. Applied Energy 146: 92-103.

Yuan C, Wang E, Zhai Q, Yang F (2015). Temporal discounting in life cycle assessment: A critical review and theoretical framework. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 51: 23-31.

Wang E, Shen Z and Grosskopf K (2014). Benchmarking energy performance of building envelopes through a selective residual-clustering approach using high dimensional dataset. Energy and Buildings 75: 10-22.

Wang E and Yuan C (2014). A hybrid life cycle assessment of atomic layer deposition process. Journal of Cleaner Production 74: 145-154.

Wang E and Shen Z (2013). A hybrid Data Quality Indicator and statistical method for improving uncertainty analysis in LCA of complex system–application to the whole-building embodied energy analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production 43: 166-173.

Current graduates

Baowen Zhang (PhD student, Fall 2020)



Peng Liu (PhD student, Spring 2021)

Graduate Alumni (U.S.)

Graduate Students

Thomas Hurless (CM); Joshua Adam Thomas (CM); Tyler Wolfford (CM); Matt Cash (CM); Ashraf Eldoud (CM); Raghda Mohamed (CM)

Honors College

Emily Chase