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Faculty Profile
Michael Kelleher


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312 Bray Hall



Prior to retirement Mike was a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Forest and Natural Resource Management, and previously served as the Executive Director of Energy and Sustainability for ESF.  He has focused on expanding the use of sustainable technologies to reduce the College’s carbon footprint, and has developed a wide range of energy efficiency and sustainable energy demonstration projects for the College. Mike’s teaching and research interests focus on energy resources, markets, financial analysis and decision-making.  Prior to joining ESF in 2007 Mike served as an executive in the energy industry.  He has extensive hands-on senior management experience in market assessment, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, and transaction structuring.

Courses Taught

FOR 491 Sustainable Energy Management Capstone

ENS 496 Renewable Energy Capstone

ENS 422/622 Energy Markets and Regulation

FOR 454 Renewable Energy Finance and Analysis