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Faculty Profile
Aaron Ninokawa

Assistant Professor

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217 Jahn Laboratory


experiments with a mussel bed in a lab flow tank

Ninokawa Lab Website

I am currently recruiting graduate students interested in biological interactions with aquatic chemistry. Please reach out for any inquiries.

Courses Taught

FCH 152: General Chemistry Lecture II


I'm interested in understanding how organisms interact with their environment and each other. My research spans diverse topics from characterizing habitat formation by ecosystem engineers to unraveling the nature of the sensitivity of shell formation to carbonate chemistry. These processes have particular relevance with understanding climate change where these interactions may hold key insights into the resilience of communities faced with anthropogenic alterations to water chemistry.

schematic illustrating lab interests in the interactions between chemistry and aquatic organisms








Ongoing projects aim to understand:

  • effects of climate change on aquatic ecosystems
  • organism responses to decoupled carbonate chemistry
  • modification of the physical and chemical environment by habitat forming species and ecological consequences
  • natural and anthropogenic drivers of environmental chemistry variability 

Professional Experience

2023- now: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

2021-2023: National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Friday Harbor Laboratory, University of Washington

2013-2015: Junior Specialist/Technician for Bodega Ocean Acidification Research group at Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California Davis


PhD Ecology, Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California Davis (2021)

BS Biology with Concentration in Marine Biology, California State University Fullerton (2013)

BA Chemistry with Emphasis in Environmental Chemistry, California State University Fullerton (2013)