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Faculty Profile
Vanessa Rojas

Associate Professor

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Wanakena Campus



Ph.D., Indiana State University, Biology (Ecology), 2018

MSc, University of Michigan-Flint, Biology (Wildlife), 2010

BSc, Michigan State University, Environmental Studies and Applications, 2004

Courses Taught

  • FTC 208: Remote Sensing and GIS Technology
  • FTC 239: GIS Practicum
  • FTC 210: Wildlife Techniques 1
  • FTC 240: Wildlife Techniques 2
  • FTC 234: Wildlife Conservation
  • FTC 238: Introduction to Water and Soil Resources
  • FTC 238: Forest Insects and Disease
  • EFB 202: Ecological Monitoring and Biodiversity Assessment 
  • EFB 496: Wildlife Techniques

Areas of Study

  • Bat ecology
  • Occupancy modeling
  • Acoustic surveys
  • Geospatial science


Gallagher ME, SL Farrell, RH Germain, VG Rojas. 2021. Summer bat habitat use and forest characteristics in managed northeastern forests. Journal of Forestry 119(3): 305–318.

Rojas VG, SC Loeb SC, JM O’Keefe. 2019. False-positive occupancy models produce less-biased occupancy estimates for a rare and elusive bat species. Journal of Mammalogy 100(1):212–222.

Rojas VG, JM O'Keefe, SC Loeb. 2017. Baseline capture rates and roosting habits of Myotis septentrionalis (northern long-eared bat) prior to white-nose syndrome detection in the southern Appalachians. Southeastern Naturalist 16(2):140–148.

Honors and Awards

TRELIS Fellow - 2019 - Training and Retaining Leaders in STEM - Geospatial Sciences