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Faculty Profile
Lianjun Zhang

Lianjun  Zhang

Emeritus Professor

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323 Bray Hall


Highest Education

Ph.D. University of Idaho (Forest Biometrics, Growth and Yield Modeling), 1990.

Areas of Study

forest biometrics, growth and yield modeling, spatial statistics and modeling, quantitative silviculture.

Courses Taught

  • APM 630 Regression Analysis
  • APM 635 Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • APM 645 Nonparametric Statistics and Categorical Data Analysis
  • APM 730 Advanced Regression Modeling Methods 

Selected Publications

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Zhang, L., C. Liu, C.J. Davis, D.S. Solomon, T.B. Brann, and T. Caldwell. 2004. Fuzzy classification of ecological habitats from FIA data. Forest Science 50(1):117-127.

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Lu, J. and L. Zhang. 2012. Geographically local linear mixed models for tree height-diameter relationship. Forest Science 58(1):75-84.