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Economics, Governance and Human Dimensions Area of Study for M.S., M.P.S. or Ph.D. in Forest Resources Management


The Economics, Governance and Human Dimensions area of study emphasizes the human dimensions of resource systems involved in the processes of decision-making and action related to how coupled human-natural systems may be managed for sustainable outcomes.

This area of study also incorporates rigorous research into human behavior in recreational and natural settings, a topic that draws from multiple disciplinary perspectives in the social sciences.

Participating Faculty

  • Colin M. Beier; cbeier@esf.edu
    forest ecosystem and landscape ecology, social-ecological systems, climate change, ecosystem services, landscape change modeling, resilience, adaptive management, resource governance, applied geoinformatics
  • Russell D. Briggs; rdbriggs@esf.edu
    forest ecology, watershed ecology, soils, ecosystem services, watershed management, forest soils, silviculture
  • Tristan R. Brown; trbro100@esf.edu
    sustainable energy law & policy; energy systems analysis; techno-economic analysis; and climate policy
  • René Germain; rhgermai@esf.edu
    forest health, policy, silviculture, forest management and operations, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, sustainable forestry systems
  • Diane M. Kuehn; dmkuehn@esf.edu
    social and recreational dimensions, ecotourism and nature tourism, recreation management and research
  • Valerie A. Luzadis; vluzadis@esf.edu
    ecological economics, ecosystem services, policy, social and recreational dimensions, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, natural resources policy and values, sustainable development, renewable energy, participatory decision-making
  • Robert W. Malmsheimer; rwmalmsh@esf.edu
    How laws and the legal system affect natural resources management, including how carbon accounting policies affect forest and natural resources.
  • Nehan Naim; nenaim@esf.edu
    Energy Economics and Finance, Regulations, Industrial Organization, Internet of Things, Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • David H. Newman; dnewman@esf.edu
    Forest resource economics and policy, resource and environmental economics, tax policy
  • John E. Wagner; jewagner@esf.edu
    forest resource and environmental economics, ecosystem services, policy, quantitative silviculture, forest management and operations, operations research, simulation

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Diane Kuehn
Associate Professor
Graduate Education Coordinator - FNRM
310A Bray Hall, One Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210-2788
Phone: (315) 470-6561
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Current Graduate Students in EGHD

Current Students Only currently registered students appear — new names appear at start of academic year

Mark Bremer

Mark Bremer

Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions
Degree Sought: PHD
Advisor(s): Naim
Undergraduate Institution: The Colorado College (Biology )

Previous Graduate Study: Syracuse University (Environmental Engine)

Graduate Research Topic
Innovative green building practices and policies.

Heather Hiltbrand

Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions
Degree Sought: MPS
Advisor(s): Newman
Undergraduate Institution: Wells College

Will Saunders

Will Saunders

Economics, Policy, and Human Dimensions
Degree Sought: MS
Advisor(s): Beier
Undergraduate Institution: University of Maine Orono (Ecology and Environm)

Worked in environmental restoration as a manager and supervisor for the Onondaga Lake Restoration Project. New Jersey native, avid hiker, explorer, traveler, and semi-professional photographer and videographer.

Graduate Research Topic
Soil carbon dioxide fluxes in a northern hardwood forest: fine-scale microclimatic controls and impacts of intense rainfall events

Favorite Quote
When it all comes down, can you say that you never gave up? - Rise Against

Undergraduate Research Topics
The NEPA Process Applied to the Proposed East-West Highway in Maine, Vulnerability of the South Pacific to Climate Change due to Globalization