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Honors at ESF

The ESF Honors Program is a two-way street: the College provides enrichment, experience and special opportunities for our most promising students and our honors students provide leadership and service to the Honors Program, the College, and the broader community. Honors students translate their academic skills into leadership, service or both (e.g., undergraduate student government, leadership or membership on special committees, student clubs), or in campus service (e.g., Orientation Leaders, student mentors, ESF ambassadors).  We hope former honors students will return to campus after graduation to share their post-graduate experiences with their younger peers.

In line with these broad goals, ESF offers two distinct honors programs:

honors article

Read "On their honor," from the Spring 2013 edition of Inside ESF magazine.

The Lower Division Honors Program provides first- and second-year students with value-added educational experiences that engage students in unique challenges. Academic components of the program strengthen exploration and communication skills through interdisciplinary assignments and discussion.

The Upper Division Honors Program provides opportunities for junior and senior students to complete intensive research and creative projects under the guidance of faculty, emphasizing and encouraging holistic and multidisciplinary awareness of the problems and opportunities in studying the environment.

Students who maintain good standing in honors will receive early Registration privileges and access to honors sections of courses offered at Syracuse University and ESF.