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Teaching Fellows

Who are Teaching Fellows?

Teaching Fellows are experienced graduate teaching assistants that assist the Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center and Open Academy staff in planning, organizing, and conducting the annual Graduate Assistant Colloquium on Teaching and Learning. They play an important role in helping prepare ESF’s new graduate teaching assistants.

A Teaching Fellow position is an award that compliments other graduate appointments such as graduate or research assistantships or fellowships. A modest stipend is provided in the form of a scholarship applied in the Fall.

Fellows are selected based on a formal review process that recognizes their exemplary performance in previous and/or current graduate assistantships or other teaching positions; interest in and commitment to teaching and learning in higher education; and interests, skills, and experiences that will contribute to their role as Teaching Fellows. Consideration is given to representing the range of professions and disciplines at ESF and to students in terminal degree programs (this is often a Ph.D. program except, for example, in landscape architecture, where the MLA is the terminal degree).


To be eligible for this position, you must:

  • Have successfully completed the full GA Colloquium at ESF
  • Have a minimum of two semesters of experience as a teaching assistant
  • Be a matriculated graduate student for the upcoming Fall semester (to be eligible for a scholarship)
  • Have the support of your Advisor and your Department Chair

Role and Responsibilities

The Teaching Fellow role is both advisory and supportive in nature and involves specific tasks and responsibilities. The Fellows’ role will entail:

  • Meeting a couple of times through mid-May to address issues of immediate concern (e.g., confirming the program, schedule, presenters, rooms, Blackboard materials). This is typically done through two to three meetings in person or by Zoom.
  • In addition to these meetings, Fellows work independently on selected tasks and assignments to prepare for the GAC.
  • Communication with Teaching and Learning Center staff after Spring classes have concluded. Typically, this has been accomplished through occasional e-mails and some check-in zoom meetings.
  • The Fellows, Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center and Open Academy staff resume meeting prior to GAC to make final preparations. This typically entails a few meetings, along with a quick dry run the day before. Fellows should be available the two days immediately preceding the Colloquium.
  • Fellows participate in the GAC as hosts, administrative support, facilitators, and presenters according to the format and schedule finalized during the Fellows meetings.
  • Following the GAC, Fellows assist in the collection, review, and reporting of evaluation information from participants and complete a self-reflection on what worked well and what could be improved in the next iteration.

How to Apply

To be considered for a Teaching Fellow position, please submit the following by email to Brandon Murphy, Coordinator of the ESF Teaching and Learning Center at

  • A letter of application that outlines your interest in being a Teaching Fellow (body of an email is fine)
  • A current resume or CV
  • Approval to participate as a fellow from your major professor and your department chair and have them email their support to Brandon (a short email confirming their support for your commitment to participate is sufficient)