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Patents and Technology Transfer

The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (SUNY RF) no longer has an an official Technology Transfer Office.

ESF is pleased to have signed an agreement with Binghamton University to handle our Technology Transfer needs, including technical disclosures, patent applications and material transfer agreements. This initiative is part of a SUNY Research Foundation (RF) program of regionalization of technology transfer, formerly handled in Albany. The new approach, funded jointly by ESF and the RF, provides access to a skilled team in Binghamton. This includes Dr. Per Stromhaug, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships. Dr. Stromhaug is a trained molecular biologist and an experienced expert in patent matters. He will be on campus frequently to address our technology transfer needs, and already has begun to meet with our inventors in Binghamton or Syracuse.

Contact: Dr. Per Stromhaug at (607) 777-5873, per@binghamton.edu

Please contact Christopher T. Nomura for additional information regarding SUNY-ESF disclosures and patents.

See Sponsored Programs Data at SUNY RF for exact numbers and details.

Recent Patents Issued

The following faculty/staff have current Licenses on Technology Disclosure Cases or Patents

Date Primary Inventor//Depart. Other Inventors//Dept. Case # Licensee
08/30/2004 Abrahamson, LP; FNRM Kopp, Smart, Volk, TA; FNRM R 1481 Double A
  Willow plant name `Preble`; PP24,537
  Fast-growing willow shrub named `Fish Creek`; PP17,710
  Fast-growing willow shrub named `Otisco`; PP17,997
  Fast-growing willow shrub named `Canastota`; PP17,724
  Fast-growing willow shrub named `Oneida`; PP17,682
  Fast-growing shrub willow named `Owasco`; PP17,845
  Fast-growing willow shrub named `Millbrook`; PP17,646
  Fast-growing willow shrub named `Tully Champion`; PP17,946
2009 Amidon, TA; PBE Howard; Woods; Liu, S; PBE R1497 Applied Biorefinery
  Biorefinery Process for Extraction, Separation, and Recovery of Fermentable Saccharides, other Useful Compounds, and Yield of Improved Lignocellulosic Material from Plant Biomass
12/16/2014 Ramarao, BV; PBE Bhayani, Min R 1905 Avatar
  Hydrolysis of cellulosic fines in primary clarified sludge of paper mills and the addition of a surfactant to increase the yield

The following faculty/staff currently have ACTIVE//OPEN Technology Disclosure Cases or Patents awaiting Licensing and dispensation

Submission Date Primary Inventor//Depart. Other Inventors//Dept. Case # Patent #
11/11/2011 Amidon, TA; PBE Ramarao, BV; PBE, Yasarla R 1848
06/28/2012 Arthur Smith, R; SCME, Nykwest ?2? 2012
02/15/2013 Bujanovic, B; PBE Amidon, TA; PBE 1899
03/04/2014 Castello, JD; EFB Castello, Devlin 1959
030/1/2010 Doelle, K; PBE R 1739
12/14/2010 Doelle, K; PBE R 1804
12/06/2010 Doelle, K; PBE R 1806
11/09/2010 Doelle, K; PBE Johnson, Giarrusso R 1812
02/15/2011 Doelle, K; PBE R 1820
04/26/2011 Doelle, K; PBE R 1826
09/30/2009 Francis, RC; PBE R 1614
09/08/2007 Francis, RC; PBE R 1636 8,303,767
  Methods of pretreating comminuted cellulosic material with carbonate-containing solutions
07/23/2012 Gibbs, JP; EFB Burnett, Carney 1878
11/30/2007 Giner, J; CHE R 1640
03/30/2010 Johnson, DL; CHE R 1744
04/08/2010 Johnson, DL; CHE R 1745
06/09/1998 Lalonde, RV; CHE Ramdayal R 1246 6,284,789
  Formation and composition of new optically active compounds
04/13/2008 Liu, S; PBE Mishra, Amidon, TA; PBE, Gratien, Putnam R 1653
  Kraft-Pulping of Hot Water Extracted Woodchips
09/29/2011 Liu, S; PBE Yan, Amidon, TA; PBE, Wood R 1841
10/11/2012 Liu, S; PBE Wang 1886
09/27/2013 Liu, S; PBE Wang 1931
12/03/2001 Nakas, JP; EFB Tanenbaum, SV; CHE R 1345 EP 1 585 821 B1
03/02/2010 Nomura,C; CHE R 1740
01/27/2011 Nomura,C; CHE Lundgren R 1816
07/21/2011 Nomura,C; CHE Tappel, Wang R 1830
04/02/2015 Nomura,C; CHE Pinto 2002
01/11/2005 Powell, WA; EFB Maynard, CA; FNRM R 1485
11/11/2011 Ramarao, BV; PBE Yasarla R 1847
06/28/2012 Ramarao, BV; PBE Amidon, TA; PBE; Yasarla, Wood ?1? 2012
04/01/2014 Ramarao, BV; PBE other 1964
12/02/2011 Greico Ramarao, BV; PBE R 1851
08/29/2012 Bhayani Ramarao, BV; PBE 1880
05/14/2010 Smith, R; SCME R 1751
07/11/2013 Stipanovic, AJ; CHE D'Arco, Bergey, Cardona 1925
05/26/2005 Volk, N Volk, TA; FNRM R 1521

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