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Forest Ecosystem Science Laboratory
Research Opportunities

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Quantifying Uncertainty Estimates and Risk for Carbon Accounting (QUERCA)

Proposals that have funded QUERCA so far:

QUERCA Products

  • Yanai, R.D., C. Wayson, D. Lee, A.B. Espejo, J.L Campbell, M.B. Green, J.M. Zukswert, S.B. Yoffe, J.E. Aukema, A.J. Lister, J.W. Kirchner , and J.G.P. Gamarra. 2020. Improving Uncertainty in Forest Carbon Accounting for REDD+ Mitigation Efforts. Environmental Research Letters, 15:24002. DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/abb96f
  • FCPF Guidance Note


  • Combining Uncertainty with Monet Carlo Simulation in Excel by Lalita Adhikari and Joe Nash video
  • Analytical Error Propagation of Excel by Scott Dai video
  • Handling partially correlated variables using analytical and Cholesky decomposition method by Sandip Rijal video
  • Allometric equation and calculating uncertainty in tree by Nathan Tyler video
  • Good practice for area estimation of land cover by Dingfan Xing video
  • Combining Uncertainty from Shared and Independent Sources - Monte Carlo by Joe Nash and Lalita Adhikari video video

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