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Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall is a hub for campus events and activities. The building houses Marshall Auditorium and the Alumni Lounge (often referred to as "Nifkin Lounge," after the College's unofficial mascot, Eustace B. Nifkin). 

Marshall Hall is currently undergoing a full restoration project, which will open in Summer 2023.

Marshall was the second building to be constructed on the ESF campus, and filled a critical need for additional teaching and laboratory space for the College’s expanding programs and student enrollment. Following several years of requests, the state appropriations to build Marshall finally were secured by the College’s acting dean, Nelson C. Brown, who developed a close relationship with New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt while working on Roosevelt’s forest property in the Hudson Valley. A second floor balcony overlooking Marshall Auditorium and a spiral staircase made of marble are just two of the lovely architectural features of this building.

Origin of Name: Named after Louis Marshall, a renowned constitutional lawyer who was responsible for creating interest in preserving the Adirondacks. Marshall was instrumental in founding ESF, and was named the first president of the College Board of Trustees (1911-1929). A plaque commemorating Louis Marshall’s contributions to the College is installed in the building’s foyer — along with a second plaque paying tribute to his son, Bob Marshall, an ESF alumnus and noted conservationist.

Formal Name: Louis Marshall Memorial Hall

Dedication Date: 1933

Gross Area: 90,060 SF

Original Cost: $501,000

Primary Use: Teaching; Research; Service

Program Units

Named Facilities

  • Alumni Lounge
  • Computer-Aided Visualization Lab (CAV)

Program Support Facilities

  • Alumni Lounge (basement)
  • Marshall Auditorium (first floor)
  • Environmental Design, Planning, and Visual Simulation Laboratory