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Walters Hall

A number of alternative energy technologies are being used in Walters Hall. A “green” roof and photovoltaic panels are both located on the lower roof of this building.

The green roof is a vegetated cover that aids in controlling storm water run-off and mitigating urban heat-island effects. It conserves building energy, reduces sound transmission, and creates a pleasant, aesthetic environment that can even provide wildlife habitat.

The 15.48 Kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) array mounted on the roof of Walters Hall produces approximately 1.5% of the electric power used by the College each year.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is located in Walters Hall, which is devoted to teaching and research in bioproducts, bioenergy, paper science, paper engineering, and allied fields. The building contains a semi-commercial paper mill for educational use.

Formal Name: J. Henry Walters Hall

Dedication Date: 1969

Gross Area: 85,560 SF

Original Cost: $2,598,000

Primary Use: Teaching; Research; Service

Program Units

Named Facilities

  • C. E. Libby Laboratory
  • Newark Group Paper Testing Laboratory

Program Support Facilities

  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Climate Control Rooms

Specialized Equipment

  • Semi Commercial Paper Mill
  • Wastewater Treatment Lab
  • 12" paper machine
  • Atmospheric and Pressurized Refiners
  • Atmospheric and Pressurized Grinders
  • Digital and Analog Simulations