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Department of
Chemical Engineering

Meeting society's most pressing needs — sustainably.

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Today’s society requires us to think differently about the way we do things. That’s why in the Department of Chemical Engineering, we create solutions that leave the world in a better place than we found it. We teach students in the classroom, in the laboratory, and at industrial locations how to build and implement sustainable processes, materials, and energy for a cleaner earth. Our program is designed at the forefront of modern chemical engineering, with a focus on developing high-tech — and planet-friendly — approaches to bioprocesses, biopharmaceuticals, and sustainable materials.

Bandaru Ramarao, Ph.D.


Meet the Chair

Bandaru Ramarao, Ph.D.

"At ESF, you will learn how to leverage renewable resources so that you’re well trained to engage in a green future. We teach our chemical engineers how to engage harmoniously with the environment, whether through sustainable packaging, advanced biopharmaceuticals, or biodegradable biomaterials. Our students take a common first year, then choose one of our four majors that best suits them."

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bioprocess Engineering

Pursue an exciting path in biopharmaceuticals — manufacturing drugs, vaccines, and therapies for diseases and health.

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Student in a lab coat pouring a solution into a vessel.

Chemical Engineering

Learn strategies to solve society’s critical challenges in future energy, manufacturing, and the environment.

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Student wearing safety glasses holding a vial in a laboratory.

Paper Engineering

Develop and manufacture new and sustainable paper and packaging materials.

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Student working with ESF's paper machine.

Renewable Materials Science

Acquire skills to create new materials, composites, and fibers from renewable resources such as trees, plants, and grasses.

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Researcher working with woody biomass in the field.