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Graduate Degree Programs
M.P.S, M.S. in Construction Management

This option is for students who plan to specialize in construction management. Studies depend upon the student's previous education, professional objectives and interests.

Recent graduates have matriculated upon completion of undergraduate degrees in architecture, mechanical engineering, construction management and civil engineering.

M.S. Construction Management Area

Applicants for the Construction Management area of study leading to an M.S. degree are required to have a bachelor’s degree in one of the following: science, construction management, business, management, architecture or engineering.

Topics for M.S. research may include the following areas in the management of construction projects: Construction project management, Estimating, cost engineering, building codes and zoning, Production management, Computer graphics and computer applications in construction.

M.P.S. Construction Management Area

The M.P.S. degree is a non-thesis degree open to students with a demonstrated interest in the profession of construction management. A bachelor's degree in one of the following is strongly recommended: science, construction management, business, management, architecture, engineering, or related field of study.


  • Required: 12 cr hrs
  • Directed Electives: 6-12 cr hrs
  • Open Electives: 3-9 cr hrs
  • Practicum/Synthesis Project: 3-6 cr hrs
  • Total credit hours: 30 cr hrs

Coursework requirements are described in the Academic Catalog.

Participating Faculty