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DEPARTMENT OF Chemical Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering

Pursue an exciting path in biopharmaceuticals — manufacturing drugs, vaccines, and therapies for diseases and health.

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Be part of the green revolution happening within the bioeconomy industries. The Bachelor of Science degree in Bioprocess Engineering prepares students for an exciting career where they can make an impact bringing new biologically based drugs or pharmaceutical therapies to the market.

Our courses combine a solid foundation with specialization.

Students gain an engineering foundation — built on math, chemistry, physics, and biology — and learn about the fundamentals of engineering, including mechanics, fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and process control. Specialized courses include bioreaction engineering, biocatalysis, bioseparations, and bioprocess design. ESF offers a variety of technical electives.

Program Requirements

Student working in a laboratory setting.


Students engaged in research.

Engage in cutting-edge research.

Students gain valuable experience through a capstone design experience in which they work on significant problems in the design and implementation of new technologies. Since bioprocess engineering engages students in a high technology field, research experience at an industrial or academic laboratories or an internship with industry is a requirement.

Laboratory demonstration.

Choose your specialty.

In addition to learning basic principals in bioprocess engineering, students can specialize in biocatalysis, biomaterials, biofuels, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Beakers and chemical solutions.

Pursue an exciting career path.

Graduates are well prepared for a career in which they can make an impact, using biological materials to create a variety of products, from pharmaceutical to agricultural.





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Bioprocess Engineering Degree Outcomes

If you want a career in a high-tech, cutting edge and impactful industry, take a close look at ESF’s Bioprocess Engineering program — the first and only program of its kind in the Northeastern United States.

Our graduates with B.S. degrees in Bioprocess Engineering are expected to: 

  • Achieve rewarding careers in bioprocess engineering and related fields after graduation,
  • Demonstrate accomplishment in their careers through increasing professional responsibility and continued life-long learning

Career Options

  • Bioprocess Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality and Control Engineer
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Process Engineer

Academic Year Program Enrollment (Fall) B.S. Graduate
2023-2024 40  
2022-2023 34 19
2021-2022 46 15
2020-2021 48 31
2019-2020 59 47
2018-2019 59 35


ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission

We are ABET EAC accredited

Our undergraduate program in Bioprocess Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET under criteria for Chemical Engineering programs, demonstrating we meet academic engineering standards in preparing our graduates for success by providing a strong educational foundation.