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Acorns to Action

ESF Natural Disaster Relief Fund

To provide support, relief and help to ESF communities impacted by disasters in a way that is culturally appropriate as well as inclusive of their voice

What We are Doing

Our primary goal is to provide the needed resources and knowledge to the impacted regions so they may rebuild their communities in a sustainable way. Currently, Acorns to Action is addressing hurricane relief in the Virgin Islands (US & British), Dominica, Puerto Rico, other Caribbean islands, and the states in the Southeast US, as well as responding to the earthquake in Mexico. Fundraisers, cultural events, collection drives and informational sessions are being held on campus to increase awareness of the need for disaster relief, and push for increased academic involvement, and research in communities impacted by disaster. We are also working with relief and aid organizations from those impacted areas to help them by collecting money and materials.

Other Ways You Can Help

What We Need from You


The people of these areas need your support. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, as this allows local groups the ability to rebuild the country directly. If you would like to help in other ways, please click the “what we are collecting now” to see what goods and items are currently being collected. Lastly, as we are seeking partnerships with organizations from the impacted areas. Please bring them to our attention.

Organizations from Affected Areas

Acorns to Action is seeking partnerships with other relief and aid organizations, specifically groups that are localized to relief areas. Helping to (re)build sustainable relationships, and resilient communities are the primary goals. In the short term, Acorns to Action is collecting donations or money and materials to send directly to community partners. Acorns to Action would like to partner with community groups to provide support alongside the communities’ goals, and form long-term relationships with the communities it helps, establish permanent partnerships and increase impacted communities access to material aid, educational programs, relief workers, engineers, community planners, and the resources of ESF. If you like Acorns for Action to partner with you please contact us.

About Us

On September 21, 2017, 30 ESF students, facility and staff gathered together. The room was solemn and still shaken by the recent natural disasters that took place Mexico, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Antigua and Barbuda, St. John, British Island Virgin Island, US Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Guadeloupe, Florida, Texas, and other areas. Some students were from these places, some had family and friends there, and others had no connection at all, but we all had the same question on our minds: “What can we do to help?”

Acorns for Action is an ESF student and administration run organization. Our primary goal is to connect to organization local to the effected country and help them rebuild in a way that is culturally appropriate as well as sensitive to their needs. Rather than sending water and food to these countries, we provide the resources they request and the tools/knowledge required to rebuild their country in a sustainable and socially just way.