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SUNY ESF Alumni Association
Student Alumni Partnership

What is the Student Alumni Partnership?

The SUNY ESF Alumni Association has long supported ESF students through a robust program that offers several key services to enhance your college experience. Established with the approval of the Mighty Oaks Student Assembly, the Student Alumni Partnership helps to create a more robust connection that will assist students in both career and academic success. Through the partnership, you are given access to exclusive career-focused services like career-networking events by departments, as well as one-on-one access to alumni working in your field of study.  We also work with our alumni to provide virtual panels highlighting the various career paths for each department on campus.  In addition, the partnership provides financial support to numerous individuals and clubs through the Alumni Student Grant program as well as donations from the ESF College Bookstore.

This is a $20 per semester fee assessed to full-time undergraduate students.  Part-time students will be charged $1.67 per credit hour.  This fee enables the Office of Alumni Relations to enhance and increase programs related to recruitment and retention efforts, networking events, and affinity programming.

A lifetime benefit, the student fee continues to support students after graduation through automatic membership in the ESF Alumni Association, access to virtual and campus events such as Homecoming and Reunion, the Graduates of Distinction program and various regional events across the country.  

Request a Waiver

Why do I have to pay this fee?

You actually don't have to; the fee is—and always will be—refundable because we don't want it to be a burden to students. If you'd like to opt out, please email the Office of Alumni Relations at This must be done each semester.

What is the deadline to request a refund of the fee?

Requests must be received by September 30th for the fall semester and February 28th for the spring semester.

How will I receive my refund?

You will be notified by email when your refund is credited to your account.  

If I don't pay the fee, can I still participate in alumni programs for students?

For many of our programs, the answer is "yes." However, some programs will have limited capacity. In fairness to students who choose to pay the fee, we will give them priority.