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SUNY ESF Alumni Association
Class of '51 Scholarship

The ESF Class of 1951 has raised funds to help undergraduate students at the College. To apply, please complete the online application via the link below, save the completed application as a Word document and submit it electronically to: Applications must be submitted no later than noon March 10, 2023.

To ensure optimal consideration for the scholarship, please read the important information below.


Please note the following conditions for eligibility:

Must be an undergraduate and planning to register for the Fall 2023 semester.

If you are eligible based upon the above, please note the three criteria for the scholarship:

  1. Employment History (Students' attempts to fund their college education through employment is an important aspect of the application) This Scholarship is specifically targeted at students currently attempting to fund their college education through employment during the school year as well as summer employment. 60pts.

  2. Financial Need/Strength of Character as determined via the application below 25pts.

  3. Academic Merit ( GPA of 2.0 or better) 15pts.

The Scholarship awards will vary but be no less than $750. The money awarded will be used to reduce the amount of your college bill for the fall and/or spring semester. This will be determined via the Financial Aid Office.

Tips for completing the application:

In describing your employment, be as specific as you can about the "date from" and "date to" employment dates. For example, if you work on holidays, weekends and breaks, average your actual total hours over the weeks in the past semester. Do not describe it as weekends and breaks. Also, show the type of work and level of responsibility.

Please also indicate if the work you are reporting is work-study. We also understand that, in some circumstances, an individual may be in a non-paying position that is time-consuming and negates the option to have a paid position. Please show these hours as non-paid work. For entrepreneurial activities, show time period, from and to, hours spent and money earned.

The Selection Committee will be reading copies of your application. DO NOT ATTACH A RESUME. This application is the only document they will be considering and the final product should be no longer than three pages.

Proceed to Application

Application deadline March 10, 2023 at noon.