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Graduate and Professional School Fair

20% of ESF graduates continue directly to graduate school or professional programs each year and within 5 years of leaving ESF, that percentage jumps to 50%. If you're thinking about graduate school or know it's you're definite destination after graduation, check out the Graduate and Professional School Fair to speak with different institution representatives.

2023 Fair date to be announced soon!

Contact Meredith Chase at 315-470-6900 or if you have any questions.

Graduate and Professional School Series

Thinking about furthering your education with a graduate or professional school? This series is here to help answer questions you may have and assist throughout your exploration and application process.

What to Look for in a Graduate Program and School?

Consider some of the following when you are looking at schools and programs.

Career Goals

  • What is your goal?
  • Will a graduate degree help you?

Degree Program

  • What courses are taught?
  • What type of research will you conduct?


  • Where are you willing ot live while attending school?


  • Who are the faculty and what are their backgrounds?
  • What kind of research have they done and how many publications do they have?


  • Are the labs, research and computer facilities up to date?
  • What facilities are available to graduate students?


Campus Environment

  • What size is the school and the program?
  • Does the campus environment feel comfortable to you?

Try to visit the campus and speak with faculty, current students, admissions and financial aid representatives.

Graduate Internships

  • Are internships a required part of the degree program?
  • Ask where students have done their internships.
  • Does the school help with finding these opportunities?

Application Requirements

  • Find out the admission requirements (GPA, Test scores ets).
  • What is the application deadline?
  • Is a personal statement or essay required?

Placement Information

  • Ask to see the placement information for past graduates of the program to find out the placement rate, the types of jobs.
  • Which companies did the graduates worked upon graduation and what are their salaries?


  • Create a budget for each school, including tuition, room & board, books, fees and living expenses and determine if you can afford to attend each college you are considering.

Financial Aid

  • Check with the Financial Aid Office at every school to learn what they offer to graduate students.

More Grad School Info

Visit our Grad School Information page for resources and information that will help you identify schools, research your field of interest, what to look for in a school, prepare for admissions tests and more!