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Women’s & Gender Inclusive Toilet Rooms

Restrooms at ESF may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression. Most restrooms are multi-stall; individual, lockable restrooms are noted.


Send corrections and updates, and report missing sign holders or URL labels to ESF Women’s Caucus, c/o Heather Engelman


ESF’s earliest buildings were built to the gender ratios and accessibility norms of the campus of those periods. As a result, there were few single occupant toilet rooms or restrooms designated for women. Additional facilities came with later renovations, but some are challenging to find, as are ADA accessible restrooms.
Following the passage of Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) by the State Legislature in January of 2019, SUNY General Counsel recommended better advertising the location of single-occupant restrooms. And effective 2021, NYS 8 NYCRR Part 317 requires single occupant restrooms on State University campuses to be designated as all-gender.
Why include baby-care facilities? To interrupt the general populace trend of directing parents to toilet rooms to nurse or pump. Such directives violate the workplace law that dictates the minimum requirements for dedicated lactation spaces, as well as NYS civil law that protects the right to nurse where you have the right to be. In addition, parenting resources simply aren’t well marked among other campus materials. We hope to reduce the number of locations parents need to check before finding the information they need.

Building by building breakdown, in alphabetical order

224 Harrison St.

NOT open to public; access restricted to Landscape Architecture. Anticipated leaving this building, and returning to Marshall, Spring/Summer 2023
Single occupant, All-gender toilet rooms:

  • 8th floor, En suite, fob access to floor, ADA accessible
  • 7th floor, by classrooms, requires key

Baker Lab

There are no single occupant toilet rooms in Baker Lab. There are 5 multi-stall designated women’s toilet rooms, all of which have an ADA accessible stall. They are located:

  • 1st floor, between Rms 148 and 154
  • 2nd floor, by main elevator
  • 3rd floor, by main elevator
  • 4th floor, by main elevator

313 Baker lab is a designated Lactation Room, with a lockable door, chair, counter, outlet and sink; it is located between the freight elevator and 314 Baker. Please do not send parents to restrooms to pump or nurse.

Bray Hall

Bray Hall has one single-occupant lockable All-Gender toilet room, next to room 22. Additional are anticipated in upcoming renovations to the 3rd and/or 4th floors.
There are 2 multi-stall designated women’s restrooms, each with an assistive door to the room, and one ADA accessible stall:

  • 1st floor, by Business Office
  • 2nd floor, by Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies 

Centennial Hall

NOT open to public; access restricted to residents and authorized guests
Most toilet rooms within the dormitory are located within private suites. The exceptions are ADA accessible all gender restrooms, located:

  • Vending area, outside laundry room (2)
  • Outside the Multipurpose Room
  • Expansion Study Room area, by laundry (2)
  • By Staff Offices (STAFF ONLY)

Gateway Center

Gateway has five (5) single-occupant lockable All-Gender restroom, all of which are ADA accessible with wide doors and grab bars:

  • Basement, North End. This room also contains a changing table.
  • 2nd floor, South of Open Academy, 2 restrooms
  • 2nd floor, North of Admissions, 2 restrooms

Multi-stall gendered bathrooms, with an ADA accessible stall are located:

  • Basement, north end
  • 1st floor, between Bookstore & Café

Illick Hall

Illick has 2 single-occupant lockable All-Gender restrooms, neither of which are ADA accessible.

  • 4th floor, next to 416
  •  5th floor, next to 512.  

Multi-stall designated women’s bathrooms are located:

  • Basement, by vending machine. This has an assistive door, and a single wide with stall, plus 2 narrow width stalls.
  • 1st floor, by 128
  • 2nd floor, by center stairwell. This restroom also has a shower stall
  • 3rd floor, by center stairwell
  • 4th floor, by 436

Physical Plant

Physical Plant has 2 single occupant-lockable restrooms on the main floor; the floor is reachable only by stairs. One restroom is designated all-gender, the other is designated women. The ground floor has a multi-user designated men’s room. The building is not intended for the general public, so access is limited to building hours.  

Jahn Lab

There are no single occupant restrooms in Jahn Lab. There are 4 multi-stall designated women’s restrooms and 4 multi-user designated men's restrooms, all of which have an ADA accessible stall. They are located:

  • 1st floor, en route to Baker
  • 2nd floor, behind elevator
  • 3rd floor, behind elevator
  • 4th floor, behind elevator

Marshall Hall

Opening anticipated summer 2023.
Single occupant restrooms will be located:

  • Ground level (2)
  • Basement (1)
  • 1st Floor (1)
  • 2nd Floor (5)
  • 3rd Floor (5)
  • 4th Floor (2)

Separate multi-user designated men’s and women’s toilet rooms will be located on the basement and 1st floor levels. A Lactation Room will be located in 258 Marshall.

Moon Library

There are no single occupant restrooms in the library. There are 4 multi-stall designated rooms (2 designated men, 2 designated women) all on the basement level.

  • Near the stairs.  Only the designated women’s room has an ADA accessible stall.
  • Between Academic Success Center, and the Writing Center. Neither is ADA accessible. 

Old Greenhouse

Both toilet rooms are All-Gender single occupancy. At the main entrance (top of stairs), turn right, across from International Education. General access to this building may be limited to business hours.

Old M&O Building

The sole toilet room is All-Gender single occupancy, on the ground floor, through one of the vehicle bays.  The building is not intended for the general public, so access is limited to building hours.  Toilet room access may be further constrained when the vehicle bay is in use.

Walters Hall

All of Walters restrooms are adjacent to the elevator, and have assistive doors and an ADA accessible stall.
All gender restrooms are located:

  • Basement
  • 4th Floor

Multi-user designated women’s restrooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors; multi-user designated men’s rooms are located on the 2nd-4th floors.

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