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Career Services
Internship and Engagement Expo

What is it?

The Internship and Engagement Expo is an event where you can talk with and ask question of current ESF students who have completed internships, conducted research (both on and off campus), were selected as Rosen and Fink Fellows, have studied abroad, etc. The event allows current ESF students to serve as the experts and provides an event for ESF students to ask them questions and advice, and see what incredible opportunities ESF students complete during their time at the College. Some example organizations represented at the Expo were: NOAA Hollings, Tilcon New York Inc., NYC Department of Environmental Protection, SUNY-ESF Fink Fellowship, NYC Parks, NYS Parks, WestRock, REU: Auburn University, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, SUNY-ESF Rosen Fellowship, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Semester at Sea.

Why Should You Go?

Where do we even start? Check out the video from last years’ Expo and see below for a list of key reasons to attend the Internship and Engagement Expo:

  1. Information: Unsure of how to spend your summer? Don’t know what type of experiences are available? Confused about where to start? Attend the Internship and Engagement Expo to gain information – information about opportunities, how to apply, where to begin, who to get into contact with!
  2. Advice: Ask current ESF students advice, tips, tricks, etc. about how they obtained their experience. These are students were in your shoes not too long ago, so they’re the best people to ask!
  3. Atmosphere: The atmosphere is relaxed – there are no companies or recruiters that you need to impress here! Stop by for a few minutes or wander around for a few hours taking in all the incredible experiences our students have.

What are Students saying about it?

“Students were able to tell their own story.”

“I learned that to get an internship, you have to check out opportunities early! Dec-Jan. is the time to really stay on top of possible internships and get applying.”

“The most beneficial aspect of the Expo was simply providing a platform to have open discussion with people who have experiences with these various internship programs.”

“I learned about the different directions my major, environmental education, could take me.”

 “I benefitted from talking to people in a more advanced stage of their life/academic career than me.”

“Talking to a student who had been through the process was the most beneficial piece of the Expo.”

“Representatives of agencies are nice, but a student’s perspective is more relatable.”

Additional highlights from attendee feedback included that students learned about opportunities they didn’t know existed (both those on-campus and off-campus), that something that isn’t specifically titled “internship” could be an equally valuable experience to employers, appreciation of being able to talk with people in their own major/field for a more personable and realistic conversation, and all shared they would recommend this event to another student.