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Digital Storytelling Studio

ESF's Digital Storytelling Studio (DSS) offers free digital storytelling services to both students and faculty.

Our aim is to help identify the most dynamic ways to tell a digital story, and to provide technical assistance and storytelling consultation to visitors as they develop projects. At the DSS, we loan audio and visual equipment to support projects such as podcasts, short films, videos, photomontages, storymaps, and other hybrid digital mediums. The studio also serves as a space where students can work on digital projects, and is equipped with four computers and the appropriate editing software.

We believe that exploring the digital elements of scientific storytelling can help amplify the importance of the work that ESF is doing. By examining and capturing everything from a case study to a microscopic exploration of fungi, we will work with visitors to add to the significance of academic projects and community-collaborative endeavors.

Who We Are


Tyler Flynn Dorholt
Director of Writing Program
240 Marshall Hall 


Jason Kohlbrenner
Digital Support Specialist
120 B Marshall Hall


What is the DSS?

For student or faculty inquiries, contact Jason Kohlbrenner at

Location and Hours

The DSS is currently located in 120 Marshall Hall. We are open Monday – Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters, with varied hours between 9am – 5pm each day. During these times you can rent out equipment or work on a project on one of the studio computers.

If you wish to rent outside that time frame, or to work on a project in the studio, please inquire ahead of time and we will work with you to accommodate. Email or Jason Kohlbrenner at with any inquiries.

DSS Equipment

Access to Equipment

  • Students checking out equipment must be enrolled in an ESF class
  • Items checked out from the DSS are on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • You can make an equipment reservation, or simply come in to the DSS to check something out
  • Staff is available to teach you how to use any equipment you are unfamiliar with

Available equipment

  • Canon DSLR cameras for user friendly video and still frame photography
  • Yeti Mic for high quality recordings made directly on your computer
  • Tascam dual mic, portable digital recorder with 4-channel recording, for interviews with clean, consistent audio
  • GoPros for photos and video footage on the go and even under water
  • iPads to record footage or access online resources
  • Accessories including tripods, lenses, a lighting kit, green screen, and much more! Come into the DSS to see all that we have available.

DSS Tutorial videos

The DSS staff has created tutorial videos that teach students how to use our most popular equipment. We have also curated a number of videos that can teach you more about the equipment and editing software available in the DSS.

View these videos on the DSS YouTube channel.

Planet Forward Storyfest

Each year, Planet Forward at George Washington University hosts Storyfest, which welcomes college students from across the country to tell their own stories about environmental challenges and solutions. The DSS will be working to encourage and enable students to enter Storyfest 2021, and beyond. Whether you want to write, capture photography or footage, or create your own audio story, we can help you do it in the DSS. Contact Jason Kohlbrenner at if you'd like to learn more.

In celebration of each of the stories our students told for Storyfest 2020, the Digital Storytelling Studio (DSS) has produced a video highlighting all of the entries.

Digital Stories

Explore content that has been created with support of staff in the DSS.