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Campus Conversations: The Podcast


Welcome to ESF's Podcast!

Hosted by ESF President Joanie Mahoney, the podcast features in depth conversations with the people
who are working to address our planet's most pressing issues.

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Campus Conversations: The Podcast is produced by the Digital Storytelling Studio.



Season 6 Episodes

Richard Ball

A Passion for Agriculture

In this conversation, President Joanie Mahoney speaks with the Commissioner of New York State's Department of Agriculture and Markets Richard Ball. Listen in as they talk about how he fell in love with farming helping his grandparents out as a child, the benefit of owning and maintaining a currently active farm in New York while being the Commissioner of Agriculture, the future of farming in New York State and the New York State Fair's role in generating excitement around the wealth of opportunities in agriculture in New York State.

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Camille Dungy

Fostering Diversity within Environmental Studies

Join us as President Mahoney speaks with the 2024 Honorary Degree Recipient Camille Dungy. In this conversation they discuss the expansion of literary voices in the realm of nature literature and environmental studies, acknowledging that writing about nature goes beyond writing in the solitude of beautiful spaces, and Camille's process as a writer. Joining the discussion is Tyler Dorholt, Director of the Writing Program at ESF and Coordinator of the Digital Storytelling Studio.

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Silas Cochran

Reflections from a Student Leader

In this episode, join President Joanie Mahoney in her conversation with former Mighty Oak Student Assembly President Silas Cochran. The conversation highlights Silas' path to ESF, along with his achievements in student government, advice for incoming students, and what he will be doing next.

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Former DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos

A Career in Environmental Service

President Mahoney's speaks with former commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Basil Seggos, about his tenure as the longest-serving DEC commissioner, his involvement with the state's transfer of land back to the Onondaga Nation, his ties to ESF, protecting drinking water, and his time spent in Ukraine.

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