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Earthweek 2022 | Rooted Community

Monday | April 18 

Pet Supplies Drive | Outside Bookstore in Gateway

Collecting blankets, towels, wash cloths, and any other pet supplies to donate to Animal Wellness Clinic of Skaneateles. Collection boxes will be placed in Gateway outside the bookstore and in the lobby of Centennial Hall

Invertebrate Bioblitz | Anywhere 

Exuvia Society will be hosting an I-Naturalist BioBlitz where students are encouraged to record observations of as many invertebrates as they can. The top three observers will get prizes and the best photos will make up the event's banner on I-Naturalist.

Tuesday | April 19

You're Recycling Wrong...I'll prove it! | 408 Baker Hall | 2:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Did you know most people recycle incorrectly? Including most of the students/staff at ESF? Come learn about why recycling is so complicated and how to recycle correctly at our event! We will feature speakers from the National Recycling Coalition, NYSAR3, OCCRA, and ESF. This event will teach you recycling from a national perspective all the way to our campus."