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Master of Forestry Degree Forest Management and Operations

The Master of Forestry (MF) graduate degree program enables students to integrate knowledge and expertise drawn from both the natural and social sciences, and to apply their knowledge to solve practical forest management problems.

The primary focus of the program is to provide an opportunity for graduates coming from diverse academic backgrounds with non-forestry baccalaureates to gain a professional education in forestry. As such, the program is designed to be the first professional degree in forestry attained by a student. Graduates will successfully function as professional foresters on multi-disciplinary forest management teams and respond to the challenges related to the sustainable management of local, regional, and global forest resources.

The degree requires 37 graduate credits of coursework, of which at least 24 must be taken in residence at ESF. The degree meets the accreditation standards of the Society of American Foresters, recognized by the Council on Higher Education as the specialized accrediting body for forestry in the United States.

The program is open to both students with some prior background in forestry and natural resources, and for those without such background. More than four (4) semesters may be required for students from non-science backgrounds who need additional basic undergraduate coursework as part of their degree program. The MF program is designed for May admission to accommodate a 4-week summer field course.

The current Sustainable Resources Management Graduate Handbook provides more detail on specific course requirements.

Participating Faculty:

Bevilacqua, Eddie, Associate Professor
Forest Mensuration, Tree-ring Analysis, Applied Statistics, Growth and Yield Modeling
301 Bray Hall. 315-470-6697, ebevilacqua@esf.edu

Briggs, Russell D., Professor
Forest Soils, Silviculture
358 Illick Hall, 315-470-6989, rdbriggs@esf.edu

Julia I. Burton, Assistant Professor
Forestry, Silviculture, Forest Ecology, Ecosystem Management, Plant Community Ecology, Disturbance Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Climate Change, Forest Health
317 Bray Hall, 315-470-6568 | 315-470-6536, jiburton@esf.edu

Germain, René H., Professor
Sustainable Forestry Systems, Forest Management
222 Marshall Hall. 315-470-6698, rhgermai@esf.edu

Nowak, Chris A., Associate Professor
Intensive Silviculture, Hardwood Silviculture, Quantitative Methods
220 Marshall Hall, 315-470-6575, canowak@esf.edu

Wagner, John E., Associate Professor and Graduate Education Coordinator
Forest Resource Economics
304 Bray Hall. 315-470-6971, jewagner@esf.edu

Contact Us

Diane Kuehn
Associate Professor
Graduate Education Coordinator - SRM
310A Bray Hall, One Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210-2788
Phone: (315) 470-6561
Fax: (315) 470-6535