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Great Lakes Research Consortium
Student Grants

The GLRC 2024 small grants program is currently not accepting new student grant applications. Please check back in the fall for 2025.

In 2013, the GLRC initiated a very small grants program to facilitate student research at its member institutions.  We recognize that often small amounts of research support can be critical to the success of a student research project.   Modeled after the Psychological Society of America (PSA) Grants-in-Aid of Research Program, this program is designed to aid undergraduate and graduate students interested in conducting research of relevance to the Great Lakes.  


Applicants must be currently enrolled as a student in a dues-paying member institution of the Great Lakes Research Consortium.  All expenses must be incurred while the applicant still has student status. 


Grants are made in the amount of up to $1,000 and are intended to help defray research expenses that the student may otherwise need to pay for out of personnel funds.   These awards are intended to enable the student to accomplish work otherwise not possible. Awards are provided in the form of a credit line for purchase of supplies, goods and services and are made directly to the student or vendor. No part of the award may be used to pay indirect costs, student fees or tuition to the applicant's institution.  Stipends are not funded and travel to scientific meetings should be requested from GLRC student travel fund.  Tuition and expenses for taking critical techniques courses not available at the home institution will be considered. All expenses must be incurred in support the proposed investigation. Supplies and equipment purchased shall become the property of the Great Lakes Research Consortium once the student has graduated.   Students are encouraged to correspond directly with the GLRC at if they have question concerning the eligibility of expenses.

Evaluation and Selection

Selection of recipients will be based primarily on the applicant's research proposal and supporting letters. Additional criteria will include past research achievements, the applicability of the project to the Great Lakes action agenda, and the perceived future of the applicant as a researcher. Proposals are reviewed by the GLRC staff in consultation with the member institutions.  Students can receive a maximum of two Grants in Aid awards in the course of their graduate education.  The GLRC reserves the right to partially fund projects if so recommended.

Application Procedure

To be eligible for consideration, send one (1) electronic copy (Adobe Acrobat format preferably) of all application materials at on or before the application deadline. Applications must be received by March 1st for projects starting between March and September and by October 1st for projects starting between October and February. The applicant must submit the completed application described below along with her/his current curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae should include where the student in their educational training, a list of papers presented at meetings, publications, and grants and fellowships received. In addition, the applicant should request two letters of recommendation from their advisor, major professor or other faculty member who can comment on the applicant's research and experience. These letters should be submitted directly from the letter writers to to ensure confidentiality.

NOTE: Your application must address all items below, and you must insure that the complete application, including the letters of recommendation is received by the application deadline. Incomplete applications, in part or whole, received after the deadline will NOT be reviewed.

  1. Name
  2. Address (include mailing address, phone number, and email).  This address will be used as the shipping address for any items ordered through this program
  3. Title of proposed research project
  4. Description of your proposed research. Maximum 1 page, Times New Roman 12 pt font. This page limit must include any figures, but need not include literature references
  5. Location(s) where research will be conducted.  You should also identify what member institutions are participating in this work
  6. Proposed itemized budget (MAXIMUM TOTAL=$1,000). Include a brief justification for each item
  7. Current CV including your current field of study and educational background
  8. Name, address, and phone number(s) of major professor or advisor submitting letter of recommendation.

Successfully Funded Students

Students given awards will be required to submit 3 separate items. 1) A final report (1 page) that indicates the activity and how it benefited the student. 2) They must acknowledge GLRC support for their research in any papers, oral or poster presentations that were derived from such support.   3) A short paragraph of what the student did with the funding suitable for posting on the GLRC Website. The student is also highly encouraged to provide a photograph of themselves doing something professional and related to the work (e.g. sampling aboard the R.V. Lake Guardian, attending an HPLC training class etc.).   All items should be submitted to with the subject line STUDENT RESEARCH REPORT as soon as possible.