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Banking & Money

Banks offer many different services. Standard services include savings and checking accounts, in addition to Automated Teller Machine (ATM) access. In addition, most banks offer currency exchange at fair rates, wiring and electronic transfer of funds, and various other services. Checking accounts have many benefits such as:

  • Safety against loss or theft
  • Ability to make transfers to deposits for any purchases, to satisfy debts, or to make withdrawals by writing checks
  • Canceled checks serve as your receipt of payment
  • Monthly statements of balance
  • Withdrawals by mail or ATM

There is an ATM located in the Gateway Center on the ESF campus.

We also suggest that you "shop around" for a bank that offers the best interest rates and lowest fees for the services that you will be using. The fees and hours are of any bank you choose may change. Some other recommendations regarding your money:

  • Keep most of your money in the bank;
  • Do not carry large amounts of money with you;
  • Keep your financial records in a safe place;
  • Carry your identification card(s) with you at all times. Banks require it before cashing checks;
  • Be cautious when using ATM's. Use well lit ATM locations. Keep alert when other people are around. 

Banks in the University Area

There are many banks in the Syracuse area and those located near the campus are used to handling student accounts and business. In addition to the banks, there are ATMs located throughout the SU campus and in the basement of Bray Hall at ESF.

Below is contact information for a number of local financial institutions.

Financial Institution Address Phone #
Chase Bank* 649 S. Crouse Avenue 315-476-5870
Key Bank 2209 S Salina St 315-472-4074
M&T Bank* 725 Irving Avenue 315-422-2121
Broadview Federal Credit Union* 704 S Crouse Ave 800-727-3328
Syracuse CoOp Federal Credit Union 723 Westcott Street 315-473-5290

*Within walking distance to campus