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The ESF Greenhouses

The ESF teaching and research greenhouse complex is located on the roof of Illick Hall. It consists of seven glass greenhouses ranging in size from 675 to 1,150 square feet.

Plants grown in the greenhouses include an extensive collection of cacti and succulent plants, numerous orchids, and a wide range of relatively common through quite rare tropical plants. One greenhouse remains unheated through the winter months and houses a collection of more temperate plants that require exposure to cold temperatures during the short days of midwinter in order to bloom and resume growth as the temperature rises each spring.


" provide SUNY ESF students with a diverse collection of plants representative of major terrestrial biomes that support and enhance their undergraduate and graduate educations, provide SUNY ESF faculty with a facility capable of supporting a wide range of research activities, and provide residents of upstate New York with an opportunity to better understand the world in which they live through plants."