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ESF Greenhouses
Visit the ESF Greenhouses

The greenhouses are open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are closed weekends and most state holidays. There are also occasions when the greenhouses will be closed during normal hours. So, please do call 315-470-6772 in advance to confirm that they will be open during the time you'd like to visit.

Driving directions for getting to our campus can be found on our Maps, Directions, Lodging, Access & Parking page. You can also download a map of our campus from this page.

Please do keep in mind that, as is the case on many college campuses, parking is limited here at SUNY ESF - especially when classes are in session. Therefore, you may find it more convenient to use the Syracuse University/SUNY ESF campus shuttle system, operated by CENTRO.

Once on campus, you'll want to make your way to one of three public entrances to Illick Hall, located directly across Forestry Drive from the famous Carrier Dome, which is actually on the Syracuse University campus.

The one entrance without any stairs is on the south side of the building, and faces the quad. Entering the building from the quad, you'll step into our lobby, which features displays that illustrate the wide range of academic opportunities for students in the Department of Environmental & Forest Biology, as well as research conducted by our faculty and staff.

Walking through the lobby toward the doors facing the Carrier Dome, you'll turn to your right, then take your first left to reach the building's public elevators. Once in the elevator, take it to the fifth floor.

When the elevator doors open on the fifth floor, you'll turn to your right (your only option), then turn to your right again when you reach the hallway the runs the entire length of the building. Continue along the main hall, which jogs to the right once, until you reach Room 529, the greenhouse manager's office. If the manager is not in the office, please feel free to stroll the greenhouses on your own, as you'll soon encounter a staff person or student worker that can answer any questions you may have.