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Suggesting Library Materials for Purchase

Suggesting Library Materials for PurchaseMoon Library Policies

Please complete the Purchase Request Form to submit your request. 

Moon Library welcomes suggestions for new library materials.  Requests may be sent to Moon Library, in whatever format is most convenient. Before requests are sent to the Library, the catalog should be searched to be sure the Library doesn’t already own the material or has already placed an order for the material. 

Recommendations will be reviewed and ordered as long as funds are available and the request matches the Library’s collection development guidelines. Materials will generally not be ordered under the following circumstances:

  1. Moon already owns the material.
  2. Syracuse University owns the material and it doesn't seem necessary to duplicate it.
  3. The subject matter is clearly outside the Library's responsibility.
  4. The price is astronomical. 

The Library will acknowledge receipt of recommendations indicating what course of action is being taken (ordered, or not ordered and why.)

Once a request has been ordered it may be received in a matter of days or it can take months depending upon its availability and other considerations. (Take this into consideration when ordering materials for classes!). Orders may be tracked in the library catalog. "In process" (material has been received and is being cataloged for the collection) messages will appear in place of the library call number. Requests may be searched by the author or title of the material ordered.

Once requests are received in the Library they are processed fairly rapidly. However requests may be rush processed if this is requested when material is ordered.