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2014 Hubbard Brook

Please note that the annual meeting falls early for most Research Experience for Undergraduate or Teachers (REU/RET) projects*, so presentations given during the HB meeting presentations may be works in progress.  Over the course of the summer, such participants continue their projects and refine analyses for the HB REU/RET Conference on Aug. 5, 2014.  Those later presentations are fpictured below, with a link beneath it to the earlier presentation.  Graduate students and PIs generally discuss projects that are further along in development, perhaps over multiple seasons.  Visit here for more updates!  Also note:  Most presentations are uploaded to Slideshare and should play across browsers and devices. Those with intensive animations are hosted at Slideboom and, sadly, are only viewable on flash supported devices.  Viewers using iphone or ipads can read the 'transcripts' and send themselves a link to the presentation to view from a different device.

Annual Meeting

W. Thornton, NH - July 10, 2014


Four years in: Finally a treatment response in the MELNHE stands. Adam Wild, ESF; Lisa Carper, A. Crosby Kennett High School

Recovery from disturbance requires resynchronization of nutrient cycles. Edward B. Rastetter, MBL; Ruth Yanai, ESF;  Quinn Thomas, VA Tech (formerly Cornell); Matt Vadeboncoeur, UNH; Tim Fahey, Cornell;  Melany Fisk, Miami U-Ohio; Bonnie Kwiatkowski, MBL; Steven Hamburg, EDF (formerly Brown)

Do fertilized trees grow faster? Looking for a growth response in three MELNHE stands. Eli Egan-Anderson*, REU, Cornell ‘15

Looking for Snails in Three MELNHE Stands. Stephanie Suttenberg*, HB REU, SUNY ESF ‘17

Litter Decomposition Experiments Involving Young Technicians. Rick Biche and Team 2 (2012-2014), A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Soil Respiration Responds to Nutrient Addition in Northern Hardwood Forests. Tim Fahey, Cornell University

Beech Bark Disease:  BBD depends on the P status of the bark. Mariann Johnston, Jonathan Cale, John Castello, Steve Teale, all SUNY ESF

Does wollastonite make the soil drier? Justin Turlip*, MELNHE REU, NYU ‘15

Does Wollastonite Make Trees More Thirsty?  Measuring Sap Flow. Sophie Harrison*,  U Michigan REU

Hungry and neglected seedlings: Does light matter more than nutrients? Shinjini Goswami, Miami U-Ohio