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2017 Hubbard Brook Ecosystem

Please note that the annual meeting falls early for most Research Experience for Undergraduate projects, so presentations given during the HB meeting presentations may be works in progress.  Graduate students and PIs generally discuss projects that are further along in development, perhaps over multiple seasons.  Visit here for more updates!

Annual Meeting

W. Thornton, NH - July 12-13, 2017


  • What is co-limitation, really? Melany Fisk, Miami University, Ohio
  • Soil enzyme activity indicates microbial P limitations Shan Shan, Miami University, Ohio, PhD
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus, and fine roots Tim Fahey, Cornell University
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus, and soil respiration Shiyi Li, Cornell University, MS
  • Hot or not? Rating beech bark disease Trey Turnblacer, Chatham University, BS
  • Battle of the babies: Beech interference with sugar maple regeneration Daniel Hong, SUNY-ESF, MS
  • More about BBD: Will Gretchen find any Neonectria? Gretchen Lasser, SUNY-ESF, MS
  • Will Claudia find any mushrooms by mid July? Claudia Victoroff, SUNY-ESF, MS
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus, and sap flow, And calcium, too Alexandrea Rice, SUNY-ESF, MS
  • Nitrogen suppresses microbial respiration Paul Ojo, Miami University, Ohio, PhD
  • The hitchhiker's guide to stem mapping Grace Haynes
  • Phenology of leaf senescence: it's LIT(ter) Madison Morley and Griffin Walsh, SUNY-ESF and Yale University, BS
  • How sun and shade leaves respond to N and P Alex Young, SUNY-ESF, MS
  • Fake tasty treats in the canopy: Who pecked that? Milda Kristupaitis. Olaf University, BS