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The View from the Top

The Challenge

Goodnow Mountain Fire TowerThe project requires both immediate needs for the roof and cabin on the Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower at Newcomb Campus and repair to the foundation structure for long-term stability. After nearly a century of standing guard, the roof has been damaged from storms and is unstable. Because of its condition, access to the cab on top of the Tower is closed until repairs can be made.

The project has two phases for materials and labor including staging of materials on the mountaintop.

The Solution

Stabilize the Roof: $12,000
Repair / Replace Windows: $8,000
Total Phase I: $20,000

Replace worn foundation, paint: $75,000
Total Phase I: $75,000

Total Project Estimate: $95,000

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The SUNY ESF Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower turned 100 years old in 2022. Located in Newcomb on the Huntington Wildlife Forest, the fire tower on Goodnow Mountain is a prominent location for science, education, and recreation. The view from the tower is one of the best in Adirondack Park!

The tower was erected in the heart of the Adirondack High Peaks in 1922 to enable the state to monitor for fires that could devastate the North Country's forests and villages. Since then, the tower has served scientists conducting research in a variety of areas. The tower is also heavily used by educators, who leverage its spectacular location to help students gain broader and deeper perspectives of the natural world.

With the help of many supporters, renovation plans are moving forward. The college has secured a consulting firm who is currently assessing repair needs to the tower base, structure, stairs and cab and the tower site, observer's cabin, access. The bid process for the renovation contractor should go public in early 2023. ESF will utilize the SUNY Construction Fund (CF) for engineering, materials purchase and repair. Donor funds will be used to augment CF funds for materials/equipment transport and for items such as rehabilitation of educational and research aspects of the tower (cabin, signage and trail, interpretive materials, scientific equipment, development of programming for students and visitors).

Tower repairs will enable a new generation of hikers and students to experience the history, research and scenic view from the Goodnow fire tower. Check out the view from the top.

With your help, we will give the fire tower new life and celebrate a Century of Science and Discovery on Goodnow Mountain.

A group of students at Goodnow Mountain Fire Towerview from the Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower