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ESF Students to Enjoy Fall Break in 2023


ESF President Joanie Mahoney announced today the inclusion of a four-day, October break for the 2023/24 academic year.

The break – Oct. 9 and 10, scheduled for Indigenous People’s Day and the following Tuesday – will allow students a mental health break mid semester. It also aligns with Syracuse University’s academic calendar, which ESF follows.

“Good mental health is an important part of a successful academic career,” said ESF President Joanie Mahoney, “and we want to ensure our students have a good quality of life balance. This four-day break will give them the opportunity to disconnect, regroup, and relax.”

The Mighty Oaks Student Assembly (MOSA) has advocated for such a break and passed a resolution to support the initiative.

“ESF is a challenging school, demanding hours of hard work and study time, this break will allow students recharge and dive into the second half of the fall semester reinvigorated and ready for the adventures ahead,” “said Silas Cochran, MOSA president.