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Group of students energetically waving at the camera around a banner that says Welcome Students with the ESF logo. There is a building in the background that is brick with pillars and has a bunch of windows.

2023 Student Orientation Leaders pose for a group photo

Mighty Oak Monday: Student Orientation Leaders

ESF Orientation Leaders are excited to welcome new students to campus! Orientation Leaders (OL) are students from all class levels and majors who volunteer to help during the first week new students are on campus. So, if you have questions, ask someone in the blue and purple tie-dye shirt. Meet this year’s 2023 Orientation Leaders!

Julia LoTempio (She/Her)
Head Orientation Leader
Woman with glasses and red hair.
Major: Wildlife Science
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Quote: “I love the strong sense of community and passion that surrounds everyone at the college, and being someone who welcomes new students into the community is so fun and fulfilling.”

Rowan Nothnagle (He/Him)
Head Orientation Leader
Man with glasses and a buffalo bills shirt on standing next to Oakie the Acorn.
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Caledonia, NY
Quote: “Everyone I meet is so unique and they all have such great energy and vibes and I love just hanging out with everyone that goes here.”

Alex Raab (He/Him)
Man with glasses and brown hair.
Major: Landscape Architecture
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Quote: “The most exciting part of being an OL is that I get to introduce all of the first years to this warm and welcoming community.”

Allison Kopinski (She/Her)
Woman in a green sweater looking at the camera.
Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Arcade, NY
Quote: “I am excited to be an OL so I can be a helping friend to incoming students and make their transition to college an enjoyable experience.” 

Andrew Lopane (He/Him)
Man on a an orange sled at the top of a hill.
Major: Landscape Architecture
Hometown: Poughquag, NY
Quote: “My favorite thing about ESF is the people. We represent such a broad range of personalities and characters that all value the environment above all else.”

Anthony Rosado (He/They)
Man weaingglasses in a dark room.
Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Queens, NY
Quote: “Honestly I think I came to ESF because I watched Wild Kratts (on PBS) one too many times and now all I care about is animals and how I can help them.”

Ashiqur Rahim (He/Him)
man with a glasses and a sweatshirt standing in the middle of a forest after fall.

Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Queens, NY
Quote: “I loved my sciences as a kid and thoroughly enjoyed the small patch of green I grew up next to in the midst of a busy city.”

Bailey Cunha-Bustamante (She/Her)
Person with their face very close to the camera.

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Quote: “I came to ESF because I knew I'd find a lot of super cool, environmentally-conscious, Birkenstock-wearing people (the awesome relationship with SU sure didn't hurt either).”

Beth Velardi (She/Her)
Woman with a short cut hairdo out in nature.

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Centereach, NY
Quote: “ I am looking forward to leading incoming ESF students to a positive start in their first semester here.”

Connor Eisenbach (He/Him)
Man with a t-shirt

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Lititz, PA
Quote: “My favorite part of ESF is its small-school feel while having the resources of a larger institution.”

Eduardo Machado (He/Him)
Man with a red t-shirt on.

Major: Biotechnology
Hometown: New York, NY
Quote: “As a senior returning OL, I know how much fun it is to help incoming students connect. The challenges of starting college, living on your own, meeting new people, and balancing work and life are intimidating. I went through them, and I am still going through them. I hope my experiences and learned tricks can be of help to new students so they have a smooth transition to ESF.”

Everett Tucker (They/Them)
Person looking at the camera with a cat in the picture.

Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: North Towanda, NY
Quote: “I came to ESF because of two people: my late grandfather and my late horticulture teacher. Both were very passionate about environmentalism; my grandfather loved animals of all kinds, particularly fish and birds, and my teacher loved all kinds of plants and creatures. Their passions lead me to want to help protect what they cherished, and that led me here.”

Faith O’Toole (She/Her)
Woman wearing a SU hat and holding a fish.

Major: Aquatic and Fishery Science
Hometown: Albany, NY
Quote: “I love welcoming incoming students to ESF and sharing my experiences and favorite things about ESF!!”

Grace Burrows (She/Her)
Woman with an SU hat on standing next to a giant yellow and green acorn.

Major: Environmental Health (Public Health Concentration)
Hometown: Jackson, NJ
Quote: “I love ESF because they often practice what they teach and are always open to suggestions to push that progress! It’s so easy to get involved and feel supported by the community you find here.”

Hannah Ashe (She/Her)
Woman standing in a place

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Oneonta, NY
Quote: “My favorite thing about ESF is the amazing connection between teachers and students. They are able to give individual attention to each student because of ESF’s small size!”

Isabella Francisco (She/Her)
Woman in a white dress and sunglasses lounging on a green lawn.

Major: Biotechnology
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Quote: “My favorite thing about ESF is the community. It's a small school so it's easy to make friends and find a place here.”

Isabella Trujillo (She/Her)
Woman with a white sweater on sitting with lots of nature in the background.

Major: Environmental Resource Engineering
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Quote: “I became an OL to share my personal experience with others and be a guide to new students. I can’t wait to meet everyone and welcome everyone to ESF.”

Jacob Knox (He/Him)
Man standing in nature with a large mountain behind him.

Major: Wildlife Science
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Quote: “The thing I enjoy most about ESF is the amazing community of people and the way the campus makes sure everyone feels included. I'm excited to meet new people and hope to help others break out of their shells and make friends during orientation week.”

Jen Bautista (She/Her)
Woman looking directly at the camera and holding her head between her hands.

Major: Wildlife Science
Hometown: Huntington, NY
Quote: “My favorite thing about ESF is the relaxed and familial vibe on campus.”

Jenelle Grigelevich (She/Her)
Woman wearing an ESF bowl hat and looking off into the distance.

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Fredonia, NY
Quote: “I love ESF because it has fun and unique classes with some of the best professors you will ever meet!”

Julianna Anglada (She/Her)
Woman in a tree.

Major: Environmental Biology
Hometown: New York, NY
Quote: “I love ESF’s small-school feeling and how much you can get to know your peers, which is one of the reasons I am excited to be an OL this year.”

Kye Bronwyn (He/Him)
Man looking at a bug on his jacket.

Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY
Quote: “If you care about the environment, there's something here for you.”

Lauren Henkler (She/Her)
Woman in a jacket sitting out in nature.

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
Hometown: Goshen, NY
Quote: “I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit apprehensive coming to ESF. While I thought the environment was pretty cool, I thought my love for it wasn’t extreme enough and would make me stick out like a sore thumb. That wasn’t the case and I really do love it here.”

Leila Kaufman (She/They)
Woman with purple highlighted black hair.

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Quote: “I love the people here. They’re all kind, interesting, and intelligent in their own ways.”

Maeve Stone (She/Her)
Girl with glasses and black hair.

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: New Paltz, NY and New York, NY
Quote: “Everyone here works together, and it's so lovely to be able to meet new people and make new friends no matter what time of year.”

Makiyah Lazore (She/Her)
Woman out in nature.

Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Onondaga Nation
Quote: “My favorite thing about ESF is how much professors care for their students and the close bonds you can create with them.”

Marie Hutchinson (She/Her)
Woman with a white t-shirt.

Major: Landscape Architecture
Hometown: Wauseon, OH
Quote: “I am super excited to be an OL and help make everyone’s transition into college smooth and memorable!”

Matt Hamlin (He/Him)
Man wearing a hat and red shirt.

Major: Natural Resources Management
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Quote: “The best thing about ESF has to be the classes as there are some niche topics that are taught by great professors.”

Max Loccisano (He/Him)
Man standing and giving a thumbs up.

Major: Environmental Health
Hometown: Troy, NY
Quote: “As an OL, I am excited to guide and encourage the incoming group of new Mighty Oaks!!”

Maya Castro (She/Her)
Woman with a mullet flashing the peace sign against a grey backdrop.

Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Quote: “I decided to come to ESF because of my passion for environmental remediation and the community ESF offers of like-minded, smart, and ambitious people working together to make the world a better, safer place.”

Nathan Balenski (He/Him)
Man in a hat giving the thumbs up. There is lumber in the background.

Major: Environmental Biology
Hometown: Charlton, NY
Quote: “I came to ESF because I was always interested in nature and ESF is the perfect place to pursue my passions.”

Raymond Bailey (He/Him)
Man in a green hat with a brooke in the background.

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Coram, NY
Quote: “I’m so excited to be an OL so I can introduce the incoming students to all of the clubs ESF offers. By the way, here's my shameless plug for Entomology Club!”

Rebecca Ingrassia (She/Her)

Major: Biotechnology
Hometown: New Paltz, NY
Quote: “I am looking forward to being an Orientation Leader because I want to make sure you all feel excited and comfortable during your transition to life at ESF.”

Reilley Peck (They/Them)
Woman in a green sweating smiling with a grey backdrop.

Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Kearny, NJ
Quote: “My favorite thing about ESF is the inclusivity and support you will find here. Never before have so many people respected my pronouns, let alone correct other people on my behalf (even during my orientation week)!”

Sadie Graham (She/Her)
Woman holding up a piece of paper that has the Mighty Oaks athletics logo on it.

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
Hometown: Binghamton, NY
Quote: “I came to ESF to meet people who share my passion for our planet and to make a difference in the world.”

Sam Prescott (He/Him)

Major: Natural Resources Management
Hometown: Corning, NY
Quote: “What I love most about ESF is the close-knit community, combined with the exciting opportunities of being right across the road from Syracuse University.”

Sofia Lathrop-Olmedo (He/They/She)
Person with their face right in the camera.

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Philadelphia, NY
Quote: “One of my favorite things about ESF is how passionate everyone is about their favorite subject — I could listen to my friends rant about entomology or herpetology for hours.”

Susanna Cordone (She/They)
Woman sitting in nature with a white shirt on.

Major: Landscape Architecture
Hometown: Trumbull, CT
Quote: “I became an OL because I really enjoyed the orientation group I started following around. I am still friends with almost all of them, and I’d love to be able to do that for other people.”

Taija Figard (She/Her)
Woman in a black shirt standing with a tree in the background.

Major: Conservation Biology
Hometown: Lewisburg, PA
Quote: “ESF is so special because you can easily succeed and grow while still being challenged.”

Tim Phelps (He/Him)
Man in a red hat standing with nature around.

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
Hometown: Clifton Park, NY
Quote: “I came to ESF because I found a unique and amazing community of people who care about those around them and the world as a whole.”