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Hanyue is standing by equipment in the lab

Mighty Oak Monday: Hanyue Yang

Major: Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering 

Home Country: China 

Class of ‘26 

Hanyue Yang’s advisor Dr. Yaqi You gave her a piece of advice when she came to ESF - “Chance is waiting for people who always pursue and look.” She took that to heart, and it’s gotten results. She recently won the American Chemical Society (ACS)’s Environmental Chemistry Graduate Student Award, one of less than 20 students nationwide to receive the honor.  

Along with winning this award, Hanyue has also published in journals such as ACS Nano, Environmental Science & Technology, and Environmental Science Nano, as first author and co-author. Her research is focused on sustainable agriculture, analyzing carbon-based materials to improve soil quality and crop production.  

These impressive accomplishments seem like they come easily to Hanyue, but she’s put in lots of hard work to build up her confidence. “When I came here, I lost some confidence. I avoided applying for scholarships and awards, but Dr. You believed in me and my work and encouraged me to apply.”  

Now, she’s enjoying the new experiences that come with living abroad. She’s always loved exploring “the secrets of the world,” which makes ESF the perfect fit for her graduate work. “I really want to recommend our college. It’s for people who want to pursue environmental research, professional knowledge, and get immersed in nature.”